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Most Indonesian people must be familiar with WhatsApp. Due to its large number of users, third-party developers created modified versions of it, and one of those versions was called YoWhatsApp.

Maybe for some people, this application sounds foreign. But apparently, its use is not too much different from regular WhatsApp. What is different is the additional features that are in it. What's it like in full? Check out the following article!

What is YoWhatsApp?

What-That-YoWhatsApp – WhatsApp itself has many modified versions. This was deliberately made by third-party developers because a number of users admit that they still feel lacking with the features in the official application.

This one is known as the most popular modified version. Not only that, it's easy to use, almost no different from the original version. This is because the application was created with additional premium features.

With these features, it even makes it easier for users to run the application. If previously there were certain limitations that made it impossible to carry out certain activities, then in this application you can.

Not only that, the existing features are also prepared very well, so that it feels so sophisticated and provides far more good benefits for users. In short, this app offers 'better' than the official WhatsApp.

Interesting Features in YoWhatsApp


As previously explained, there are many interesting and free features in this application. Its free use is the main attraction of YoWA. What are the touted features?

1.DND mode

DND is an abbreviation of the term "Do Not Disturb", or in Indonesian it is referred to as a "do not disturb" warning. This mode can be enabled as the user activates airplane mode on the app, so that the internet connection is disabled for the app.

2. Send Scheduled Messages

YoWhatsApp also has a feature to schedule messages. So, users can set a certain time to send messages without having to wait for that hour to come. Users must write a message first, then set the date and time, then confirm.

This feature is also not limited to sending messages, but allows users to set automatic replies. The content of replies depends on the user, the format is left up to the user.

3. Send Unlimited Files

Be a reasonable activity for the users WhatsApp if you want to send documents in the form of videos or pictures. This feature is one that makes it easier for users to send files without having to go through other media, such as e-mail.

However, there are times when the document to be sent is very large. Usually, WhatsApp sets certain limits regarding the maximum file size that can be sent. But that doesn't apply when using this application.

The maximum size given is very large compared to the official WhatsApp. So, users can freely send without having to compress the files. That's it, the file that is sent later will remain at its initial quality.

4. Change Theme according to Mood

This feature is very popular among its users. Chat theme, homepage theme and other themes can be customized and modified. This feature has succeeded in attracting the attention of users, so that using WhatsApp does not quickly make you feel bored.

Judging by the availability of themes in the official application, there are really only two options there. Not with YoWhatsApp application, there are hundreds of themes to choose from and even try one by one every day. Of course, its use is free without having to pay a penny.

5. Send More Broadcasting

The newest feature of this application is where users can send messages to many contacts at once, or what is known as broadcasting. The maximum recipient for broadcasting is 500 people, while in the official application it is only limited to 256 people.

6. Use Varied Fonts

Sending messages with the phone's default font might be boring for some people. Especially for users who like unique things, this feature that can apply various fonts might be worth a try.

7. Higher Security

What about the security level of the application? Isn't this a modification application that is prone to being blocked? Stay cool, YoWhatsApp already equipped with a security system that will protect the contents of user chats with their contact list.

8. Duplicate Accounts

Another interesting feature of this application is when users can duplicate accounts using just one application. Account duplication is common, especially for users who want to filter their personal accounts and business or business accounts.

Separation of accounts is indeed an important choice, so that all matters can be grouped and not mixed up to create confusion. This app will make it easy in that regard; Cloning can be implemented without having to have two smartphones or being assisted by an extension application.

9. Download Stories

Some users were found to frequently request video content or images uploaded by other users to their stories. However, some feel reluctant to do so. The solution is to use the Download button so that the content can be directly stored in the Gallery.

10. Customize Icons

Generally, the familiar WhatsApp icon has the same shape. There's something different about YoWhatsApp, where users can customize the design of this official icon. Not only the shape, the color can be arranged at will.

11. Customize Appearance

Apart from themes and fonts, users can make other customizations to 'decorate' their WhatsApp. These customizations are available in the notification section, message bubbles, text colors, and much more.

Link Download YoWhatsApp Latest Version


Please note that this application is a modified type, which is only available for Android smartphones. That also doesn't mean getting it registered on an official platform like the Play Store, but you have to look for the download link first.

Manual download methods like this require users to find trusted sites, because not all links are considered safe for device systems on smartphones. For Android users, the download link that can be used is as follows.

MINIMAL OS 4.5 and above

How to Install the YoWhatsApp Application


Unlike the official application, the installation process can be done automatically, which is a quicker and more practical step. Modification applications must go through manual steps, and the following are the details, especially for those who are trying it for the first time.

1. Download the App

The earliest and first step is, of course, preparing the application file. This file can be downloaded via the link provided in the previous specification table. The download method can also be done via a cellphone or PC / laptop, but it is more recommended to use a smartphone.

After the file is completely downloaded, usually the file will be stored in the Downloads folder in the internal memory, or in the File Manager menu section. However, this file can be moved to another folder according to the needs or desires of the user.

2. Set Installation Permissions

Next is the main step in installing modification applications such as YoWhatsApp this, namely enabling permission for the installation of applications from third parties. This is a mandatory step every time you want to install an illegal application that is not obtained from the Play Store.

What are the correct steps in setting this installation permission? Check out the following points.

  • Go to menus Arrangement on smartphones.
  • Screen scroll down, then click options Biometrics and Security.
  • Click features Install unknown applications, then enable permissions from menus FileManager.
  • Slide the blue toggle for the permission to be enabled.

3. Disable Google Play Protect Feature

Not only installation permission, users also need to set the Google Play Protect feature so that the system is also disabled. This is important because modification applications are likely to be blocked by the system.

So, so you don't have problems in matters of privacy and security, do the following steps.

  • Reopen menus Arrangement, and go back to options Biometrics and Security.
  • Screen scroll and click Google Play Protect.
  • tap on Settings icon on the top right, then deactivate feature Improve malicious app detection and Scan apps with Play Protect.

4. Perform the Installation

All permissions are active, and the last step is to pair the app YoWhatsApp to the device. This manual method is actually very simple and easy. But if you are still unsure about doing it yourself, please refer to the tutorial below.

  • Go to menus FileManager, then tap on a folder Downloads.
  • Click files download, then tap the post Install.
  • If the pop-up from Play Protect appears, click REJECT.
  • Wait for the installation process, then click Finished. The application can already be used.

Tutorial on Using YoWhatsApp


It was said before that the use of this application and the regular application is no different, but there are some additional features that are not present in the official WhatsApp. However, for some features, there is a separate tutorial so that these features can be used. What are they?

1. How to Duplicate Accounts

The first feature is account duplication. This feature is similar to cloning an application, with the aim of distinguishing personal accounts from business or work accounts. In general, self-modifying apps don't allow for cloning.

Unlike this application, cloning can be done just like the official application. But still, the steps are not the same as duplicating the official application which can be arranged directly through the Settings menu.

In fact, although different, how to set this duplication is not difficult. However, for those who are trying it for the first time, they may still need guidance. Then, what are the correct steps? Check out the order below!

  • download two files by the name wa: YoWA unclone version and com. yowaYoWA.
  • Then do manual installation as previously explained.
  • Open the app, then registration with phone number for WhatsApp accounts.
  • After that, do registration on the second application as well. Thus, the application has been successfully duplicated.

2. How to Update the Application

After using the application has been going on for some time, then there must be time to update YoWhatsApp this. Of course, you can't miss this because modified applications are very prone to being blocked by official developers.

However, how to update apps that are not available on the official platform? In the modification application, manual steps are the prominent points. Likewise with updates, there are manual steps that novice users should know.

What are the stages in question? Pay full attention to the following points.

  • Open the app, then click triple dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • tap on YoWhatsApp Settings, then click Options Update.
  • Check if new version already available. If you have, then do updates according to the instructions given.

YoWhatsApp is known as the most popular WA modification application. Not only the features that can be tried for free, this application also allows users to make a lot of customization of the appearance of the application.


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