Download WhatsApp Transparent Mod Delta Apk Full No Banned

Transparent WhatsApp is a modified WA application that is quite widely used. Users take advantage of this application as it has a fairly simple interface. Besides that, it is also quite aesthetic when used.

As the name suggests, this WhatsApp has a fairly transparent background when used. This will make someone able to see various things on the back so that the application can look dreamy.

So when used it can still coincide with several other applications. Apart from its attractive appearance, the most important thing about this modified WhatsApp application is that it has very complete features.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?


As explained a little above, one of the characteristics of the WhatsApp application is that it is slightly transparent. So the background can be seen clearly and is quite aesthetic when used.

This is what makes it quite attractive to the public, especially since the interface in it is also almost the same. The menu in this application is not much different from the standard application.

With this capability, all functions owned by the application can be used optimally. In addition, the features must also be really put to good use so that they are not in vain.

Because so far some people usually only use it for messaging. Even though with very complete features, this application can also be used for various things, including for doing business.

Transparent WhatsApp Short Review


When using this application, it is actually not much different from using the WhatsApp application which is available on the Play Store. Perhaps what slightly distinguishes this application from the others is that it is light when used.

When using this application, you don't need to use a cellphone that is too good. Using a standard cellphone can still be put to good use. The most important thing is that you have at least 2 GB of RAM.

When used to send messages in the form of videos and images, it can also work well. This means that there are no obstacles at all when using it, although you still have to be vigilant.

Because however, the modified version of the application is still at risk when used. One of them is that the application can steal data or damage the system owned by the cellphone.

Transparent WhatsApp superior features


There are quite a lot of advantages that transparent WhatsApp has. Before deciding to use it, you can first listen to the points below.

1. Online 2 accounts at once

One of the first excellent features that the transparent WA application has is that it can be online with more than one account. By using only one application, you can be online with 2 accounts simultaneously.

Usually, if you want to go online with 2 accounts, you will need two WhatsApp applications. Unfortunately also using two WhatsApp applications can cause problems such as the application being too heavy.

If you use this method, you only need one application to online two accounts simultaneously. This can save memory owned by HP and make management easier.

2. Longer status

Usually when making a status in text form there are always restrictions that occur. It turns out that this restriction also applies when posting status in the form of a video. Usually it will be limited to only 30 seconds.

If you use this transparent WA application, these restrictions will not occur. This means you can easily write statuses in long text without any restrictions at all.

Furthermore, if you want to make a status in the form of a video, there will also be no restrictions. This means that it can be easier when you are going to use the WhatsApp application to share messages or videos.

3. Send large size pictures and videos

Sending images will usually get compressed or reduced in size. This is very natural, but for some people who work in the field of design, it might be quite inconvenient. Because the original resolution will be lost.

Using the WhatsApp application, this type of modification will not compress the process of sending images. So, images sent are still in JPG format and not in file form, where sometimes the preview doesn't appear.

In addition, this also applies if you want to send in video form. Usually there will be no restrictions at all so that you can still send videos with a fairly long duration and also large sizes.

4. Lock the conversation

The conversation testing process is also very important to do. This is important for those who turn off their cellphone very often and the possibility of other people seeing the contents of the conversation is quite high.

Instead of the contents of the message that are very important to be seen by other people, it's better to do the testing process. This testing process can be done easily as long as you can choose which messages will be given a password.

This method will provide specific locking to certain messages. So, you don't need to do a continuous locking process on your cellphone. So it can be directly specific to one or several messages.

5. Large collection of themes

Some people use WhatsApp continuously and experience boredom. If they experience boredom, it will usually be difficult to maximize the functions of the application in it.

One way that can be done is to change the theme. This theme change can be done because the collection that is owned by this transparent WhatsApp application is quite a lot and all of them can be used.

That's why it doesn't hurt to always use this application continuously. However, make sure not to overdo it because it could actually be a problem with the theme. Apart from that, it can also cause the HP to slow down.

6. Privacy increases

Privacy is something that is very important and that is also owned by this transparent WA application. One of the privacy improvements provided is that you can hide your current online status.

Usually this online status can not be hidden at all. That's why there's nothing wrong with trying to activate it so you don't get distracted by people suddenly chatting at the wrong time.

In addition there is also the ability to hide messages that have been read. So, even though the message has been read, the status will remain as unread. So, there is no need to rush if you want to reply.

7. Can broadcast messages

Next is being able to broadcast messages to many people. Broadcasting this message is very important to do, especially those who are running a business on an ongoing basis.

That's why someone is advised to create messages for promotions on a regular basis. Then the message can be sent to many people, even hundreds, directly without having to save the number.

If you want to maximize this, make sure to use the latest version of the application first. If you use an older version of the application, chances are it won't work at all.

Download WhatsApp Transparent Mod APK


Downloading the APK file of the modification application is actually quite difficult to do. In order not to get the wrong APK file, you can directly use the table below.

Application Name WhatsApp is transparent
Version Latest
File Size 75MB
Download links HERE

How to Install Transparent WhatsApp


The installation process can only be done after the system has been changed first. Check out the transparent WhatsApp installation method below.

  • Make sure you have downloads the APK file above or you can also use another file as long as it's the latest.
  • Go into settings then type install from unknown sources in the top search box.
  • A new menu will appear. Be sure to get into it then activated.
  • After that, you can directly open the APK file to do it installation as usual.
  • When finished, you can immediately log in.

Advantages of Transparent WA


Pay attention to the advantages possessed by transparent WhatsApp which is also very important. That way all the functions owned by the application can be maximized perfectly.

1. The application is not too heavy

The first advantage possessed by this WA application is that it is not too heavy when used. It can even be lighter compared to standard Whatsapp which is usually obtained directly using the Play Store.

Even though the application is not too heavy, it is recommended to carry out the removal process regularly. This deletion process can be done on various types of media that are in it.

2. Suitable for managing business

This application is perfect for carrying out business management processes. This can be done because there is the ability to broadcast messages continuously to many contacts.

In addition, one can also more easily carry out the business management process. This business management process can be done precisely and quickly. Moreover, the various risks that are owned have also been minimized.

3. Features are always being added

Some people are always worried if they want to use a modified version of the application. Even though they always add the latest version so that the application really can be used optimally.

In addition, this feature is also very suitable for various needs. That's why it doesn't hurt to always pay attention to this before using the application.

4. The interface is similar to the original WA

The interface of this application is very similar to the original WhatsApp. This means that the interface is not much different so that when you use it, you are used to it and you don't need to learn anymore.

5. The application has anti-ban capabilities

This application actually already has the ability to prevent getting banned. However, the application can only be used properly when using the latest version.

The risk of using WA is transparent


Do not use transparent WA applications or other modified WA without knowing the risks. Here are some of the risks that you get if you use modified WhatsApp.

1. Can get vi*us

The biggest risk when using this application is that you can get a virus which can be dangerous. This virus can enter the cellphone and then spread to the system and trigger quite severe damage.

2. Risk of data theft

Apart from being able to cause damage to HP, viruses that are carried along can also carry out the process of stealing data. The theft of this data can cause the data that is owned to be used for things that are not appropriate.

3. The application often crashes

Because of the various modifications, of course, various types of disturbances may arise and cannot be resolved. In fact, one has to reinstall it several times to be able to take advantage of this application.

4. Can damage the HP system

The HP system can be damaged if the virus has spread and cannot be handled. If it has spread and triggered a problem, the cellphone will usually no longer be used or will experience a total death.

To prevent this, someone is usually advised to do the reinstall process. By doing this, the HP can turn on again and then use it as needed.

5. Opportunity to be banned still exists

The opportunity to get banned is also still there even though there is already the ability to take precautions. This can happen because this application is indeed quite risky, especially as Whatsapp also continues to make improvements to the security system.

Disturbances in Using Transparent WA and Solutions


Various types of disturbances may occur frequently when using a modified WA application. Here are some disturbances that may appear frequently.

1. The application turns itself off

An annoyance that often occurs is an application that suddenly turns itself off. If you experience this, one of the best solutions that can be done is to do the reinstall process.

2. Messages that experience delays

Next is a message that suddenly experiences a delay. This message cannot be conveyed to another person nor can another person's message be received immediately easily enough.

To overcome this, it usually requires a reinstallation process or a network restart. After that usually the message can be sent by itself.

3. Difficult to send pictures

There is a possibility that it will be difficult to process sending images or other media. This can happen because there is a blocking on the server so that the exchange of messages and media cannot be done at all.

4. Unable to update

Will not be able to update regularly. Because the modified version of the APK file is usually difficult to get the latest version, especially since these versions are often faked by irresponsible people.

5. Unable to login

There is a possibility that you cannot log in at all to your WhatsApp account. If this happens, you most likely have to change the original WhatsApp application.

Tips for Dealing with Blocked WA Accounts


One of the biggest risks when using a modified WhatsApp application is getting blocked. To avoid this, follow some of the tips below.

1. Delete the original application

If you experience a block on your account, do the process of deleting the original application. Usually the original application can detect abnormalities so that it is easier to carry out the blocking process.

2. Always update the APK

Make sure to always update the APK. Updates to this APK can be done so that all functions owned by the application can run optimally without any obstacles or interruptions at all.

3. Remove distracting apps

Carry out the process of removing applications that are considered disturbing. Sometimes this application can crash with several other applications so you have to give up on one of them.

4. Do not overuse

Make sure not to overuse. If used excessively there is still a risk of getting blocked so that it cannot be used continuously.

5. Immediately switch to the main application

Make sure to quickly switch to the main app first. If you can switch to the main application, usually there will be no obstacles at all to be able to maximize all the functions of the application. In addition, the account is also safe.

Using a modified WhatsApp application such as transparent WhatsApp will probably help many people. However, using WhatsApp also has quite a big risk if done carelessly.

It doesn't matter if you want to use modified WhatsApp. However, make sure to always pay attention to things that can trigger your WA account to be blocked and can no longer be used.


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