Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus Apk Mod for Android 2023 – WhatsApp Plus is often used because it has lots of additional useful features. By using this application, you can chat like using standard WA. However, it can still do many things at one time.

One of the advantages possessed by this application is its ability in business. So, by using just one application, you can do many things more easily. So, it never hurts to use the latest APK.

Furthermore, this application can be used properly as long as you understand what is in the application. Starting from the advantages to the disadvantages, you have to really understand well and benefit from the features.

WhatsApp Plus Short Review

WhatsApp-Plus-Short Review

WhatsApp plus APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that brings several additional features. Usually these additional features will not exist in the original version so you can only get them from this application.

The addition of these additional features will make it easier for someone to carry out the account management process. It's different when using the original version, there are several things that can be done quickly and the results are more to your liking.

Say when going through the account testing process. If you use the standard WhatsApp application, most likely it won't work anymore. However, if you use WhatsApp plus everything can be done quickly, you can even select messages.

If you want to use application For this, you have to use any cellphone as long as it uses at least 3GB of RAM. The most important thing is that your cellphone can be used to install standard WhatsApp, usually this application will also run fine.

Furthermore, if you want to use this application, make sure to use the most appropriate APK file. If you use the wrong APK file, it will most likely cause damage to your cellphone.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Features


The best features experienced by WhatsApp Plus should be understood by all its users. So, make sure to pay attention to some of the features below so that everything can run well and without a hitch.

1. Messages will not be deleted

One of the newest features owned by WhatsApp plus v17 and quite liked by many people is the ability to avoid deleting messages. By using this application, various types of incoming messages cannot be deleted at all.

This means that messages that will be entered and sent by other people will be automatically stored perfectly. That is what causes this application to be very popular because various things that enter will be maintained very well.

Even if the message has been deleted by the person who sent it, the text will still be there. So, you don't need to worry if someone sends the wrong message or does things that you don't like.

2. Can lock chat messages

You can easily carry out the message testing process when using this application. The purpose of locking messages here is that you can choose which messages can be given a password if you want to read their contents.

If you use an ordinary application, such a thing cannot be done. If you want to keep all the contents of the message in it, you have to carry out a thorough testing process on your cellphone.

That's why there's nothing wrong with always using this application if you feel that your privacy is a little insecure. By using what you already have, you don't need to worry if you want to leave your cellphone at any time.

3. Send photos and videos in large quantities

Usually, some people always experience problems when sending a large number of photos. The process of sending a large number of photos will prevent users from having to repeat it several times.

Because if repeated up to several times the use of large will be very troublesome. Moreover, the size of the photo has also decreased so that when viewed it becomes very cracked and cannot be used anymore.

If you use WhatsApp plus just that kind of thing won't happen because there is a feature for fast delivery. Most importantly you use a more stable connection to take advantage of it.

4. Save state

You can save statuses that have been made by other people by just pressing a few buttons. Various types of status, from text messages to videos or photos, can be stored easily.

Later the saved status will have the same size or resolution. So, if you want to repost, you won't experience a decrease in quality either. This is what makes the application run more perfectly.

Furthermore, you can also make longer statuses either in text form or in video form. So, no character limit or duration limit will be applied later.

5. Change the theme and font

Make sure to do the theme change process if you feel bored using the original theme. If you use WhatsApp plus the process of changing the theme can run more easily and quickly.

That's why it doesn't hurt to do the replacement process several times. This replacement process is perfect for anyone who wants to make modifications either visually or in writing.

If you don't have the ability for that, you can still use the themes that have been provided. They provide quite a number of themes so that almost all of them can be used to their full potential.

6. Can manage multiple accounts

You can still carry out the process of managing a very large number of accounts. This account management process is very important to do so that you can use all accounts at the same time.

For example, when you want to use more than one account without having to use WhatsApp in large quantities. It is enough to change accounts, so both of them can be immediately active simultaneously in receiving messages.

This method is indeed very useful for anyone who is running a business. However, make sure to always avoid things that are dangerous so that the account you have is still safe to use.

7. Anti-ban feature

There is a feature that prevents blocking or being banned by the WhatsApp system. This means that even if you use this application for conversation the risk of experiencing problems will be small.

But first make sure to use the most recent APK if you want to take advantage of it. If you use a fairly old version, it is very likely that the function to prevent blocking from happening will not work properly.

In addition, make sure to always be on guard because the security system owned by WhatsApp is very high. Even though there is the ability to take precautions, it is not impossible that the risk of getting banned remains high.

Disadvantages of Using WhatsApp Plus


There are several drawbacks that WhatsApp Plus has. If you want to use it, try to see some of the things below first. That way, you can prevent problems with your cellphone and account.

1. The application contains a visual

One of the drawbacks that this application has is that there is still a risk of containing a very dangerous virus. Later this virus can spread very quickly and trigger problems in the system from cellphones.

Usually, to avoid this, special methods are needed, such as carrying out the scanning process when installing. So, problematic APK files will be detected so no installation is required.

2. Risk of damaged HP

Editing applications that are not official on the Playstore are usually very risky when used. One of the risks that might occur is that the cellphone will be damaged because the system will be infiltrated several times.

This condition causes HP to no longer be used and can even experience total death. If the cellphone has experienced a total death, it is likely that the reinstallation process must be carried out so that it can turn on and be used again.

3. Updates are very long

Usually the update process can be done quickly if you use the original WhatsApp. If you use modified WhatsApp, usually the update process is quite long and sometimes it's even difficult to get.

If the required update takes a very long time, there is a risk that the security system will detect it. This is what can cause the account you are using to be blocked and eventually it will no longer be able to be used.

4. Data theft

Usually modification applications will always ask for access to certain data on the cellphone. Finally, there was a data theft process that triggered quite serious problems. One of them is the problem of theft that runs continuously.

That's why it never hurts to always use anti-virus first. The use of this antivirus is very important to prevent problems from occurring so you can take advantage of the application without worrying that data will be spread.

5. Applications often have errors

It is possible that the application will experience an error several times and will not be able to use it properly. This kind of thing happens very often so you have to be careful because there are some things in the application that don't work.

One of the risks if the application experiences an error is that it will no longer be used. If it can't be used anymore, it is very likely that it can trigger serious problems such as loss of data because you can't do a backup.

Download WhatsApp Plus


By using the right APK, you can easily make modifications. If you want to take advantage of all the features in the application, try using the APK link below first.

APK name WhatsApp Plus
Version Latest
File Size 70MB
Download links HERE

How to Install Applications


The actual installation process can be done easily as long as you can get the appropriate APK file. If you have got it, you can follow the steps below carefully.

  • Enter into Settings then check in the column at the top.
  • Type install from unknown source or similar phrases.
  • If it appears, you can immediately enter into it.
  • Activate first, if it is already active then ignore it.
  • Open the WhatsApp plus APK file previously downloaded.
  • Go through the process installation to finish.

Safe Ways to Use WhatsApp Plus


To avoid getting banned or problems in the application, it's a good idea to follow some of the safe ways below. That way, you can easily modify the application for normal or business needs.

1. Regular updates

Try to always update regularly if you want to have a secure account. If you don't update regularly, chances are there will be some problems such as being able to get banned quickly.

Before using the application, make sure the APK used is the latest version. That way, you don't have to worry about looking for the latest version so that all the functions in it can run.

2. Avoid using fake APKs

Try not to use fake APK files first. If the APK file used is fake, it is very likely that all the data in the Whatsapp account can be intercepted and stolen by irresponsible people.

So make sure to download from the right place, one of which is using this site. If you use this site, you don't need to worry because all the data you have can be properly maintained.

3. Use a second account

If you want to use WhatsApp plus, make sure to always use a second account first. Do not use the main account if you have never used any modified application.

The use of this second account is very important to do to prevent problems from occurring. One of them is a problem with the system so that the account you use will be banned.

4. Clear cache regularly

Try to carry out the cache deletion process regularly. This deletion process is carried out to avoid unwanted things such as data that can be stolen.

That is why it is recommended to only use this application when needed. If you don't need it, it's better to delete it and switch to using the original WhatsApp application on the Play Store.

5. Do not overuse

Try not to overuse this app. If used excessively, it is likely to trigger serious problems. Apart from being banned so that the cellphone is damaged, data theft can also occur.

How to Update the WhatsApp Plus Application Safely


One important thing to do when updating is to get the right APK file. In addition, you also have to pay attention to some of the things that will be discussed below.

1. Use the right links

Try to use the right link as written above. If you use the link above, you don't need to worry because it has been proven authentic and is the latest version.

2. Make sure the APK version is mod

Make sure to always use the perfect modified apk version. The purpose of this perfect apk is that the application is downloaded properly so that there are no problems or experiencing corruption.

3. Do not enable automatic updates

Try not to activate the update process automatically. If activated, it is likely to trigger problems because the security system detection process can run quickly.

4. Perform backups

Make sure to do regular backups. If you do regular backups, various types of data for conversations or media can be saved and moved anywhere.

WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to other WA Mod APKs because they are considered cleaner than distractions. However, you still have to be careful when using it. Because there is still a risk that the cellphone you are using will actually get a virus or malware.

So, it doesn't hurt to always use this application properly and understand how to use it safely. By knowing this, you can easily do anything and not get banned.


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