WhatsApp Mod iOS WA Theme Like the Latest iPhone 100% Safe

plnlabuhanangin.co.id - Today many developers are modifying the most popular application in the community, namely WhatsApp. Modification of this application is popular because it provides more complex features that are not available in regular WhatsApp, for example WhatsApp MOD iOS. This iOS WA Mod will present an iOS look that usually can only be applied to Apple or iPhone devices.

The original version of WhatsApp itself only provides monotonous light and dark themes. That's why many users of this application are looking for MOD applications. Now WhatsApp users can even feel the appearance of iOS on their Android just by installing this iOS WA Mod. The features provided in this application are also many and interesting.

Interesting Features of WhatsApp Mod iOS


Looks like the iPhone but on Android definitely creates a unique sensation of its own. Users can enjoy an iOS-like display that feels luxurious and elegant. Apart from the sensation you get, here are some other interesting features that are offered by this WhatsApp MOD iOS APK

1. Anti Banned or Blocked

Banning is one of the biggest concerns for APK MOD users because developer applications like this are not official applications. However, WA MOD iOS users don't need to worry about getting banned because this mod application regularly updates the application to provide more sophisticated updates, namely the anti-ban system.

The developer has basically provided this anti-banned feature. Even so, you still have to use the application at a reasonable level, because still modified applications like this are not 100% safe, even though this banned feature will greatly help the risk of getting blocked.

But don't worry first, here are some tips that can be done so you don't get banned or blocked

  • Don't spam or send too many messages to the same WA number destination
  • Avoid forwarding messages or forwarding messages to too many recipients. It's better to do it naturally so it doesn't look like spam activity.
  • In essence, avoid things like sending chats or anything excessive that can be categorized as spam.

2. Hiding Double Tick and Blue Tick

Some people may feel uncomfortable with the double tick or blue tick feature for some reason. This WhatsApp Mod for iOS provides a feature so that users can hide blue ticks or even tick both so that even though the communication partner has successfully sent the message and entered it or has even been read by the user, in the communication opponent's panel you will only see two ticks or even one tick.

3. Hiding Online Status

Sometimes, users don't want to reply to certain chats or still feel lazy to communicate with certain people. This makes users feel uncomfortable because when they use the application for other purposes or just check and see the status instead of replying to the chat earlier, the user feels uncomfortable because the owner of the chat that he has not replied to will know that the user is online.

By using the WhatsApp Mod application for iOS, users no longer need to worry about this, because this mod application provides a feature for users to hide their online status or last seen when the user is opening this application, so there is no need to worry that other people will find out that user is online.

4. Hiding Last Seen or Last Seen

Some people may not need the last seen in their profile. For this reason, WA Mod iOS provides a feature that allows users to hide their last seen time.

5. View Deleted Stories or Status

When using the official WA application, users will no longer be able to see statuses that have been deleted. This will be different for WhatsApp MOD iOS users because they can still see the status that has already been deleted. This feature is not owned by all WA MODs. Users can even view deleted statuses without worrying because the owner of the status will not know that their deleted statuses can be seen.

6. Seeing Stories or Status Without Being Found Out

This feature allows users to see someone's story or status, but their name will not be listed in the history of viewing status on that person's cellphone. So you can view the status without worrying that the owner of the status knows that you have viewed the status that was created.

7. Making Others Cannot Forward the Message

For some reason, there must be some people who don't want their messages to be passed on by others. This WA Mod provides this feature, where users can set so that chats sent cannot be forwarded by anyone.

8. Various Attractive Themes

One of the superior features favored by many people is the many interesting themes that can be customized according to the wishes of the users. Some of those features include:

a. Main Theme

This is the reason why many people like to use this WA Mod. This one application provides many very varied theme customizations and users can use all of these themes for free.

b. Color Gradation

If the user likes a simpler display, this Mod application also provides color gradations. So instead of using a theme image which usually seems more crowded, users can customize the main theme with just a color gradation as desired.

c. Chat Bubble view

This WA Mod also provides chat bubble customization which has lots of variations in shapes and colors. This one feature will make the appearance impression even more unique.

d. Various Emojis

Apart from that, this mod application also provides more and more complex emoji than regular WA. This will be very beneficial especially for users who like to use emojis in chatting.

e. Varied Font Choices

This feature is also not owned by the original WA which only provides a small selection of fonts. By using this WA mod, users can choose more fonts because this application does provide a more diverse and attractive selection of fonts.

9. Make Status More Than 30 Seconds

Some people may be dissatisfied with the features of the original WA which only provides a status video duration of thirty seconds. With this iOS WhatsApp MOD, you can make statuses longer, up to 50 minutes. This is a quite unique feature because not all mod APKs provide this one feature. If there are users who also use this mod application, your status will be visible to these users until it's finished.

10. Sending Multiple Files, Photos and Videos Without Limitation

In the original WA application, there is a limit for sending files such as audio, photos or videos with a limit of up to thirty, if more than that, then you have to send two or more times. This action is of course considered ineffective because this WA mod presents a feature so that users can send all files such as photos, videos or other things without restrictions at one time.

11. Send Files Without Limited Size

Almost the same as the above, the original WA version also limits its users from sending files that are too large. The original WhatsApp application limits 16 MB for each file sending so users must cut or compress the file first, and only then can it be sent.

This WA mod APK provides features so that users don't have to bother cutting or compressing files first, because it provides features so users can send large files without limiting them.

12. App Lock System

Some users feel that the chat application is a privacy that should have a security lock system so that it cannot be accessed easily by other people. But in the original version of the WhatsApp application, this application lock feature is still not provided. This is different from the WA mod, which of course has more complete and complex features than the original WA application.

This WA mod application provides an application lock feature for its users, so users don't need to bother installing other application assistance to lock WhatsApp in order to maintain privacy in it.

WhatsApp MOD APK link for iOS and how to download and install

After knowing the various advanced features provided by WA MOD iOS above, are you interested in trying to download and use the application? If so, here is the download link for the application which is equipped with how to download and install it.

Don't worry because the Wa mod application is one hundred percent free. Make sure there is enough space on your cellphone and the internet network connection that you are using is stable so that the download process is successful without problems.

Link Download APK


Application Name WhatsApp MOD iOS
Developers StefanoYG
Size 61MB
Version 9.35
Update date September 1, 2022
Download links HERE

You can use the download link in the table above to immediately use WA Mod iOS for free, but please note that this application will only be supported on Android OS at least version 5.0 and above.

How to Download and Install Apk WhatsApp Mod iOS

How to-Download-and-Install-Apk-WhatsApp-Mod-iOS

1. How to Download

  • First, click link which has been provided in the table above
  • After that, you will immediately be directed to the application's website
  • Make sure your network connection is smooth so there are no interruptions during the download
  • Also make sure that there is enough space on your phone to download this application, so that no errors occur
  • The download will start running, and wait for it to finish
  • Downloaded applications will be stored in the download file or downloaded in your phone's file manager

2. How to install the downloaded WA Mod application

  • The first step that you have to take is to make sure that the download of the application is successful and stored on your phone
  • Then before installing it, make sure that your phone give permission for installation of unknown apps. This is because the WA Mod application is not an officially registered application so that the device will consider the application as a threat to the security system
  • The initial step to granting this permission is to open the settings menu or Settings on your phone
  • Search and select the menu Settings Addition, then select the Biometrics and Security menu
  • Check or check the active warning column SUnknown source
  • If you have successfully given permission for unknown applications, enter inside FileManager
  • Look for a file or files from WhatsApp MOD iOS that you have successfully downloaded
  • After that, open the downloaded application, wait a few moments until the words Install or appear Install, then click on the text
  • You have to wait a few moments because the installation process is running
  • You can start trying to use an application that is already installed

3. Additional Steps If the Installation Process Fails

Sometimes in the application installation process especially unofficial applications like WA Mod like this experience failure. That's because the device is always alert to everything that doesn't come from official sources, such as one of the MOD applications that are developed by third parties.

Then does that mean we fail if the cellphone still can't install this WA Mod APK? Of course not. The installation process may still fail because some of the latest cellphones are generally equipped with more sophisticated features in preventing dangers such as Google Play Protect which is deliberately installed to block all forms of modified applications.

For that, here are the steps you can take to turn off the Google Play Protect system for the successful installation of the WA Mod iOS application

  • Open the settings or settings on the device
  • Choose a menu option Biometrics and Security available in the settings menu
  • Look for menus Google Play Protect, tap on it and open the settings
  • Click Settings which is in the upper right corner of the Google Play Protect menu
  • Slide the toggle to turn off the selection Improve Detection of Malicious Applications and choice Scan Apps with Play Protect
  • You have disabled the Google Play Protect advanced security system and can continue with the installation process

How to Change the Theme to WA iOS (Display Like WA iPhone)


This one application does present a very large variety of themes. In fact, there are so many of them, these incredibly diverse themes can touch up to thousands. Here are the steps to take if you want to install an iPhone display on the WA Mod iOS that you have installed:

  • Open the app WhatsApp MOD iOS that you have successfully installed
  • The next step is to log in or log in first using your cellphone number
  • After successfully completing the login steps or entering the application, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the main menu
  • Select the GBWA Settings menu, and click the menu option Themes
  • After that, do it first download Theme that you want to use, ie theme with the name WhatsApp iOS
  • If theme it has been successfully downloaded, then click Install to apply theme it to your WA
  • The appearance of your WhatsApp has changed like the appearance of WhatsApp on a cellphone iPhones or WhatsApp iOS

Those are some discussions about features and how to download the latest WhatsApp MOD iOS 2022. Keep paying attention to some of the warnings given, such as not spamming and updating the application regularly to avoid getting blocked. Hope you enjoy the WA Mod application discussed this time!


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