Latest WhatsApp Clone Download No Ban & Complete Features

Today, WhatsApp is the application most widely used by the general public to communicate with each other. This application is very popular, because apart from its users being able to connect with each other via text, WhatsApp also provides many other features.

Like sending several types of media very easily, or sending something that isn't limited to just one person. Because of its popularity, developers have started to make modifications to this application, one of which is WhatsApp Clone.

This clone application allows users to duplicate WhatsApp on one device only. This WhatsApp clone is also quite popular with its users because this one application provides several interesting features that have been modified to make it more complex than the usual WA application.

Check out the article below to see some of the advantages and disadvantages of this application, along with how to download it!

Interesting Features of Whatsapp Clone

This WA clone was created not only for users who want to duplicate their WA account, it also provides more complex features that are very interesting. These features are not available in the regular WA application, and because of that many users are interested in this cloned WA.

They don't need to download additional applications because the features provided in this application clone are complete. Are you curious about the features that can be obtained from the WhatsApp clone? Here are some interesting features that you should know about.

1. Direct Chat


This is a feature that makes it very easy for users who want to chat with a number that has not been saved as a contact. Usually, in normal WA, users must first save someone's number in their contacts, then they will be able to communicate with that person's contact.

However, on the WhatsApp clone, users can simply send a message to the number they are targeting without bothering to save it first in the contact list.

This is a very effective method, especially for users who have to communicate with many new people. Users can save a lot of time and effort because of this one feature. Here are some steps to use this Direct Chat feature:

  • Open the WhatsApp Clone application that is already installed on your cellphone, and you will be able to see many interesting features that this application offers.
  • Select the Direct Chat option on the application's main page.
  • The next step is to enter the cellphone number or whatsapp number you want to go to to start communication.
  • Wait until a notification appears that says Open Chat for Whatsapp.
  • Then you will be directed to the Enter the phone number menu, at this stage, enter the WA number that you want to chat with.
  • After that, click the Whatsapp Direct Chat option to start communicating with the destination number you entered
  • Done, you can communicate with each other through this one feature without bothering to enter a new number into the contact list first.

2. Duplicate WhatsApp Account


This includes one of the main features of this application, namely cloning or duplicating WA accounts for users who want to access one account or one WhatsApp number with two cellphones at once.

This method is very effective for users who need this feature because they can easily access messages using two mobile devices. Here's a step-by-step tutorial for using the clone feature from WA:

  • First open the WhatsApp Clone application that has been installed or installed.
  • You will be presented with various features provided by this application, choose the WhatsApp Clone option.
  • Then on the main screen an image will appear containing a QR code.
  • Take another device that will be used for cloning, open the original WA application from this device
  • After that, click on the three dots in the top corner of the original WA main page, and select WhatsApp web, then a QR code scanner will appear.
  • Scan the QR code displayed by the cloned WA.
  • Wait a few moments until the connecting process is complete and successful.
  • Duplicate account is complete. You can see that the displayed panel will be exactly the same as the one on the original Whatsapp.

3. No Need to Login to Owned WA


If you install this application on your other cellphone, you don't need to log in to your WA or bother registering a new WhatsApp number. You only need to scan the QR code from your original whatsapp account.

4. Saving Stories


This is a feature that is quite popular with users that is not provided by the original application, namely saving stories or statuses without being detected by the owner of the status. You can easily take or download other people's pictures or video stories without having to bother asking the person concerned, or downloading other third-party applications.

5. More practical screenshots


In this application, a feature is available to capture the screen that is displayed on the application. Instead of using the default method from mobile devices, WhatsApp Clone provides this feature itself, so users can take screenshots without third-party assistance.

6. Error or Bug Fixes

Error-or-Bug Fixes

This error or bug is often felt by users of MOD or modif applications. But until now, none of the users of the WA clone application have complained about errors or bugs. Even this application also avoids being banned. Even so, just in case, you can do a few tips so you don't get hit or get anti-banned while using this application:

  • Don't post chats that are considered excessive or spam.
  • Avoid sending too many messages to the same WA number, especially when using the Direct Chat feature.
  • Also avoid sending messages in the form of feedback or a report.
  • Do not check when you are given an option to keep me signed in so that your account is not registered automatically.
  • Do not forward or forward messages to too many recipients. It's better to be reasonable, don't make it look like spam activity.

7. Send Files Faster


Users will be able to experience sending files faster with this WA clone application, and what is clear is that you have relatively stable internet data. WhatsApp Clone is also very quickly connected to WhatsApp web.

Regular updates by the developer make this application lighter and users can send files and connect to the web faster.

8. Can Send Large Files


Apart from communicating with each other via text, WhatsApp does have advantages that make it the most popular application among the public, namely that it can be used as a medium that sends important files or files quickly and easily. But in the original version of WhatsApp, sending files or files has a maximum size limit.

Another case with WhatsApp clone. This application provides a feature so that users can freely send large files or files at a time, because it has a larger size limit than regular WA which only limits 16 Mb for each file you want to send.

Because of this, users don't need to bother cutting or compressing files first and can send them at one time with the features provided by this cloned WA.

9. No R**t Required

No-Root Required

R**t itself is a step that is taken at the beginning of using the application so that the installation process can run well until it's finished. This process is often used against the use of modification applications.

However, many users avoid this r**t process because it is considered to be able to fulfill the storage to the effects of the process that can affect other applications. You don't need to worry about using this clone application, because it doesn't require r**t.

10. Wiretapping Someone (Less Recommended)


This is a feature that quite a lot of people are looking for from the WA Clone application, namely by tapping other people's WhatsApp. This feature is used to tap the person you want to monitor, such as your lover, sister or child.

But we don't recommend this because it includes someone's privacy.

How to Tap with WA Clone

Below is how to use the WhatsApp clone application to tap other people's WA:

  • The very first step to tapping other people's Wa, of course, is to install or download the WhatsApp clone application first on your smartphone.
  • After successfully installed, press WA Clone, then the main page will display a barcode image.
  • Borrow the smartphone from the person you want to tap the WA application for, and open the WA application installed on that person's smartphone.
  • After opening the WA application on the smartphone of the person you want to tap, press the dot symbol which is located in the top corner of the main page, then press the WhatsApp web option
  • After that, a command will appear for scanning the barcode to connect to WhatsApp web. In this step, scan the barcode that is displayed on your WA clone application.
  • Please wait a few moments. After processing is complete, a notification will appear that the tapping cloning process is complete. The WhatsApp account that you want to tap is now connected to the WhatsApp clone application on your smartphone.

Once again, it should be noted that tapping a cellphone or WA like this is an illegal action. But if you do use it for a certain interest or certain security, make sure first that the person you are tapping doesn't realize that their WA is being tapped. Some of the things you have to do are remove notifications on the cellphone of the person you are tapping.

  • The first step that must be taken is to open the settings menu or settings on the target cellphone.
  • After that, look for the application manager option and search for the WhatsApp application name
  • Turn off notifications by ticking off the notification options section. This is to prevent notifications from appearing in the WA application.

Link Download Latest WhatsApp Clone APK


Because this is a modif application or not an official application, this application cannot be found in the playstore or app store. Even though this is an application made by a third party, this cloned WA will not cause any adverse effects because the developer has periodically carried out a series of updates so that this application is safe to use. Following is the download link for the WA Clone APK:

Application Name WhatsApp Clone
New version 7.9
Size 9MB
Minimum Device Android OS 5+
Download links Click here

Above is the link to download the cloned WA application on Android. Meanwhile, if you are an iOS device user, you can just click on the link Click here

1. How to Download

  • First, click the link in the table above
  • After that, you will be directed to the main page of the application's website
  • Make sure your internet network connection is stable so that the download process runs smoothly
  • Also make sure that your phone has enough storage space to download this file
  • The download will start, and will be saved in your device's download file

2. How to Install or Install the Application

  • Go to the settings menu or settings on your cellphone
  • Then look for and select the Security and Accessibility menu, on some other cellphones, this menu is called Privacy and Security
  • Then select and tick on the option to allow applications from unknown sources
  • Open the application file that you downloaded earlier in the File Manager menu and open the Downloads folder or Downloads
  • Select an application WhatsApp Clone and open. Then click Install or Install
  • The phone is currently installing the app, please wait as it will take some time
  • After the application notification appears successfully installed or installed, then you have successfully installed this application

Even so, this WhatsApp Clone APK is not an official application. If you want to use the cloned WhatsApp with the official app, the only way is with the WhatsApp Business API

How to Get the WA Business API and Its Features

How-to-get-WA-Business-API-along with its features

This type of WhatsApp is almost the same as the cloned WhatsApp application which cannot be obtained through the Play Store or App Store. But even so, the WA Business API or what is commonly called WABA. This is an official application so that security is guaranteed more than other WA clones.

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which means the developer has designed this application to integrate other applications at once.

Usually this WABA is used by a company that only requires one WA number that can be accessed by its customer service. How to get WABA is quite easy. Check out some of the features provided along with tutorials to get them

1. Features Presented

a) Green Check (Green Stick)

The green tick here means the identity for the verified account. This will be very beneficial for users who use it for business purposes, because it has the effect of increasing partner trust.

b) Rob*t Chat (ChatB*t)

This Rob*t Chat can direct your communication opponent to certain goals or steps that you can pre-arrange, such as payment transactions, sales transactions, sales confirmations and others.

c) Multi-User

You can access your Whatsapp account in different places, such as on a computer, tablet or cellphone.

2. How to make WA Business API

To make an official WA Clone, the following steps must be taken:

  • The first step you have to take is to register with the WhatsApp Mekari Qontak Official Partner on these links.
  • After success, create an account on Facebook Business Manager and take the verification action.
  • Re-register, and enter your active number that you want to use for WA business this API.
  • Follow the update steps on your WhatsApp account profile.
  • You have finished and can use the WA Business API Application.

Those are some reviews about the complete features by downloading the Whatsapp Clone application. You can use this WA clone application easily anywhere and anytime.


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