Download Whatsapp Aero Hazar Mod Apk Original & Latest 2023 – If you want to use the Whatsapp application with features without any limitations, try downloading a modified application called Whatsapp Aero. This application can also be abbreviated as WA Aero.

The Whatsapp application is an online chat application which is currently popular in the world. You can send messages, photos, voice or video to other people just by having their phone number.

Even now there is also another version of the Whatsapp application which is also called Whatsapp MOD. This application provides many excellent features that are not available in the official version for free or other subscription fees.

About Whatsapp Aero APK


Whatsapp Aero is an application created by a third party and provides it with perfect features without any limitations. The version of this application is usually called the MOD application. You can use it in the same way as the original WhatsApp application.

The additional features provided in the WA Aero application are excellent features that you won't get in the official version of the application. One of its features is being able to download other users' statuses. You can only find this feature in the WA Aero APK.

Even though it has many advantages, the WA Aero application is included in an unofficial application, aka illegal. This is of course because the developer is not original from Whatsapp so there are risks that you can get when using it.

Featured WA Aero Features


Application Whatsapp does have many features that are not available in other online chat applications. This is what makes Whatsapp the most popular application. However, some of the existing features are still considered lacking by many people.

Because of that, they finally switched to using a modified application that added various excellent features without having to pay anything. One of them is the Whatsapp Aero application.

The following are some of the excellent features in WA Aero that you can enjoy for free:

1. Can Download Status

The WA application has a feature for creating statuses. Unfortunately, this feature is not equipped with a download so that users can only view and comment.

In the WA Aero application, the developer added a download feature so that users can immediately download statuses that are considered interesting. So you don't need to use an additional application to download or contact the user to send the status file.

To download the status is also very easy. When you view the status, a download button will appear at the bottom corner of the page. When interested in other people's status, just click on the download button.

You don't have to wait long, you can see photos and videos that were in the status in the gallery. So, you can save it or share it with others.

2. Can Freely Choose Themes

Themes are a feature that can beautify the appearance of the WhatsApp chat application. It's just that the original WA APK doesn't provide many choices of theme types for its users. There are only two options in it, namely dark and light themes.

But you can get lots of theme choices if you use the WA Aero modification application. There are dozens, even hundreds of different themes that you can use. This theme is always updated in number because each user can share their own theme.

If you're bored with the so-so look of Whatsapp, head straight to the theme collection page. Choose the one that makes you interested and just apply it.

3. Eliminating Online Status

If you use Whatsapp, an online status will appear for active users. This status is a marker to other users that you are opening the Whatsapp application.

However, this feature cannot be disabled so you may get spam messages from other people because you are caught online.

Being seen online also carries its own burdens. For example, you don't want to reply to messages or answer calls from someone but are forced to do so because they appear online.

To avoid this online feature, you can only use modified applications, such as Whatsapp Aero. Because only in this application can the online status be removed.

Apart from deactivating it, you can always activate the online status. So, you will look as if you are online even though you are not opening the Whatsapp application at that time. Very interesting feature, isn't it?

4. Eliminate the Blue Check

The blue tick in the Whatsapp application is used as a marker that the message you sent has been read by the recipient of the message. Unfortunately, this feature is quite annoying for users who want to ignore spam messages and not be caught that they have read them.

However, if you use the GB Whatsapp Aero feature, it removes the blue tick in the Whatsapp application. By removing the blue tick, the sender of the message will not know that you have actually read the message.

Other users will still see the two gray ticks even if you have read the message.

5. Blue Check Modification

This blue tick modification feature is still related to the previous feature. You can't just hide the blue tick for read messages.

The WA Aero application also provides an option to display a blue tick only for messages that you have replied to. If you haven't replied to the message, it will still display two gray ticks even though you have read it.

You definitely can't get features like this from the original version of the WhatsApp application. So, if you want to use the blue tick modification feature, you can download Whatsapp Aero.

6. Can View Deleted Messages

Whatsapp made the latest breakthrough by adding a delete message feature. This feature is very useful for those of you who want to delete messages sent by mistake so that they are not read by the recipient of the message. However, it turns out that there are also some users who casually use this feature to send messages and then delete them so that other users become curious.

If you use the WA Aero application, you can still see the deleted messages. Not only in private messages, you can also see deleted messages in groups.

7. Send Large Files

What is lacking in the WhatsApp chat application is that it cannot send large files. So that the use of Whatsapp as a work medium is considered less than optimal. Because of this, many people eventually switch to other applications that are capable of sending large files.

To overcome these deficiencies, you can use the Whatsapp modification application. In this application there is a feature that can send large photo or video files up to 1GB.

8. Attractive UI Design

The WA Aero application was modified by a reliable developer who is also a UI/UX designer. That's why this application has complete features as well as an attractive user interface. The appearance in general looks elegant and comfortable for the user.

The default application display is already very interesting. The developer is not half-hearted, even the application icon does not go unnoticed.

9. Anti Banned

Some time ago, many users of the Whatsapp Mod application were victims of "sw**ping". This step was taken by Whatsapp to provide a warning for users who use illegal applications.

As a result of the swap that was carried out by Whatsapp, not a few users had their accounts blocked. Ranging from temporary to permanent blocking. This is also a concern for WA Mod users.

But you can breathe a sigh of relief because WA Aero is equipped with an anti-banned feature. This mod application security system is equipped with the same security protocol as the original Whatsapp. Every time there is an update from the original Whatsapp, WA Aero will also be updated.

So, WA Aero users will not be banned by Whatsapp because it looks as if they are using the original application.

10. Various Emoji Pack Options

Whatsapp has its own emoji pack that looks different from the default Android system. Users do not have the option to use other emoji packs. This is actually unfortunate because not all users like the shape of the emoji.

If you want to use another emoji pack, try the Whatsapp Aero application. The reason is, this mod application provides a wide selection of interesting emoji packs.

You can use the original WhatsApp emoji pack if you like it. If you want to replace it, there are also original iOS, Twitter and Android-style emoji options. Just adjust it to your taste.

11. View Unnoticed Status

Want to see the statuses uploaded by other people without getting caught? You can turn off read reports or blue ticks if you use the original Whatsapp application. Unfortunately, this method is quite inconvenient because you also can't see who has watched your story.

With the Whatsapp Aero application, you can see the status of other people anonymously. Your name will not appear in other people's story audience lists because of this one feature.

At the same time, you can still see a list of people who have also viewed your story. So, you don't have to sacrifice anything.

12. Do Not Disturb Mode

Some people may not like getting messages or phone calls via Whatsapp at certain times. One way to avoid something like this is to turn on airplane mode or turn off the data connection.

But there is one drawback of this method, namely smartphone owners cannot use the internet for other applications. So, this method is not preferred.

Because of this problem, the Whatsapp Aero developer provides a feature in the form of Do Not Disturb Mode. As the name suggests, this mode is useful for preventing WhatsApp application users from unwanted distractions.

The way Do Not Disturb Mode works is more or less the same as airplane mode. However, this airplane mode only applies to one application, namely Whatsapp. You will not be able to get messages or phone calls if this mode is activated.

But at the same time, you can still use other applications that require an internet connection.

13. Not Showing Media in Gallery

All media in the form of photos and videos that you get from Whatsapp will be stored in the internal storage. Automatically, these images and videos will also be displayed in the gallery.

The WA Aero application provides an option not to display media in the gallery. This will further protect your privacy because some of the media may be sensitive and confidential. So, it's better that the media doesn't need to be displayed in the gallery.

You can't get this one feature in the original Whatsapp application. To hide pictures and videos from the gallery, you need to create a new file called ".nomedia" so that photos and videos are not visible in the gallery.

Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp Aero


Whatsapp Aero has become popular among those who want an unlimited messaging application for free. This application is quite popular among teenagers and can be easily downloaded. The following is a link that you can use to download the WA Aero application:

Details WA Aero
Version Latest 2022
Capacity 52MB
Cost Free
Download Links

How to install WA Aero


Because this application is not an application made officially by Whatsapp, there are certain ways to download and install it. You can follow the following steps to install the WA Aero application before you can use it:

  • First download the WA Aero application by clicking the link above.
  • Then click on the section Arrangement on mobile.
  • Then you can choose on the menu Security.
  • If so, go to the download section and click the downloaded WA Aero, then click and install.
  • You can use this modified application after completing the install.

How to Upgrade WA Aero


Same with the official version of the Whatsapp application, you will also get the latest upgrade for the MOD application from WA Aero. If you can upgrade to the latest version for official Whatsapp on the Google Play Store, you can upgrade to WA Aero with the following steps:

  • Open the WA Aero application then click on the button Menu.
  • Then choose three dots icon which is in the upper right corner of the WA Aero application.
  • Next, you can select on Arrangement.
  • Then scroll until you get to the menu Upgrades.
  • Select the menu then upgrading the WA Aero application will automatically be carried out.

Is WA Aero Safe to Use?


WA Aero is indeed not an official application, so its use can raise many questions, is it safe or not? The answer is no. Because there is no guarantee that the data security in WA Aero will not be hacked.

Because it is vulnerable to these rights, the risk of using the WA Aero application is higher. You can also get banned from the official WhatsApp.

Consider This Before Installing Whatsapp Aero


As explained above, this application is a modified product, which means illegal. there are some risks that you need to consider before starting to install it. The following are risks that might threaten you.

  • Account blocking because you will never know when Whatsapp changes the security protocol. Whatsapp also won't notify you in advance if you want to do swee*ing. So, the risk of temporary and permanent bans still exists.
  • Vi*us and mal*are are often spread hidden through APK media files. This might threaten the security of your cellphone and the data in it. So, make sure you download the application or APK file from a trusted site.
  • Besides viruses and mal*are, there are ads that also threaten you. Some mod applications have been "injected" with advertisements. This of course will really bother you when using the application.

That was a review of Whatsapp Aero, which is a modified application that provides premium features. By using this feature you can be more productive and have fun using the Whatsapp application.


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