Download WA GB/GB WhatsApp Pro Mod Apk Original Official 2023 – Who doesn't have the WhatsApp application on their smartphone yet? Not only is it used by almost all people in Indonesia, this application already has a modified version as well. One of them is called WA GB GB WhatsApp, which is not much different from the official application.

This application provides additional features that cannot be found in the original application. This feature is wanted by some users because they feel it is necessary. This is one reason why third-party developers create modified versions.

Short Review WA GB GB WhatsApp


Basically, this application is just a modified WhatsApp application. The sign is the existence of premium and advanced features that can be used for free. All of them can be used freely, so this application sounds interesting.

How about its use? Turns out it's the same as regular WhatsApp. The only striking difference is in the completeness of the existing features. As with other modification applications, such interesting features are indeed superior and the target of users.

Not only additional features, the appearance of the application can be modified or customized at will by users. Yes, the theme settings in this application are not the same as the official WhatsApp, because there are so many theme choices, not just two.

For this reason, many users install this application on their cellphones, both as the main and side applications. So, the point is not only interesting, but also making WhatsApp work more powerfully than ever before.

Sophisticated Features in WA GB GB WhatsApp


Based on the previous short presentation, it can be seen that GB WA is superior in terms of its advanced features. So, what exactly are the features in question so that many users are eyeing their sophistication?

1. Account Duplication

When duplicating, it means that a user duplicates an account, but is still on the same smartphone. So, duplicating no longer requires cloning or buying a new cellphone, because duplication can already be done through this application.

2. Lots of Free Themes

Many varied themes will reduce user boredom, rather than using the two themes provided by the official WhatsApp. This customization can be done freely, at any time, according to the user's mood or desire because the choices are very diverse.

It turns out that the choice of themes that can be used is not only from WhatsApp. Users can also set the appearance of their application with themes created by other users. That means, users themselves can create themes, but there is a separate way.

3. Font Customization

Sending messages with the default font is common. WA GB GB WhatsApp allows users to write with various types of writing. This means, users can no longer use italic, bold, or crossed-out styles but at the same time try various fonts.

4. Send Large Size Files

This feature is arguably very useful for users who make WA as an application for work matters. Not infrequently sending files must be done repeatedly and in large quantities. Also the size of the files are usually quite large.

As a solution to this problem, generally sending will be carried out one by one, then large files are forced to be compressed with an application or through certain sites. This stage is no longer necessary because the GB WA APK does not place a limit on file size.

5. Anti Delete Messages

There are times when messages from contacts or other users are sent in a typo or wrong target. Misunderstandings can be avoided by withdrawing or deleting the message. Because they don't have time to read, it's not uncommon for users to be curious.

But also, asking directly the contents of messages that have been sent incorrectly is also an unethical act. Instead of asking the sender about the contents of the message, it's better to just use this feature from GB WA.

6. Download Statuses

Interesting status content or aesthetic visuals of a contact's status sometimes attract attention. Content like that could be the result of their own work, so those who see it will be impressed and want to save such slick statuses.

Generally, image status can be saved directly by the screen capture method. Then, what about video format status? GB WA has completed a feature for this problem. Users only need to press the Download button, and the status will be saved directly in the gallery.

7. Create a Scheduled Message

It could be that there are users who have work schedules that are too tight, so sending messages to certain people, at certain hours, they are still forgotten even though they have been noted in the reminder. This may have fatal repercussions if the message in question is work related.

So that it doesn't become a big problem, users can take advantage of the automatic send feature, where this feature allows users to set delivery schedules.

The WA GB GB WhatsApp feature is very helpful for users who often forget or want an automatic reply feature for incoming messages so they don't have to worry about manual typing.

8. Airplane Mode

This feature is also called DND or an abbreviation of "Do Not Disturb". Users can turn off the internet connection in this application only when they don't want to be disturbed or too busy.

So, the business is no longer related to cellular data, but only limits the network to the GB WA application

9. Anti Banned

So far, WA GB GB WhatsApp still gets many claims that its use is safe. Not only that, users are also helped a lot because messaging privacy is safer and better.

So, even though this is a modified application or not official, the GB WA developer completes the system with an anti-ban feature. This is what adds to the sense of security and comfort for users who want advanced features in it.

10. Send Messages without Save Number

In the official application, sending messages can only be done if the contact number is saved first. However, this application can do that without having to save new contacts. So, users don't have to bother making contact with people who aren't too close.

Weaknesses WA GB GB WhatsApp


With an unofficial status, of course there are some drawbacks that this WhatsApp modification application has. Here are important points to consider before downloading and installing this application.

1. Il*al application

This condition means that users will not find files on official platforms such as the Play Store or App Store. Applications like this can only be found on certain sites, and they also have to re-ensure whether the link is secure.

2. Too Many Features

As a short messaging application, too many features may even sound excessive for some users. If indeed WhatsApp is used for chatting only, then an application like this is not a must-have.

3. Privacy Threatened

Even though the developer himself states that the application system is encrypted, prospective users must also know that there are cra**ers who are capable of doing data analysis. And this is not the responsibility of the official developer because it is not their application.

Latest GB WhatsApp Download Link 2023


After understanding all the advanced features that have been explained, the next step is to understand how to download this GB WA application. As previously explained, applications from third-party developers cannot be downloaded as usual.

This means that such applications cannot be found on the official market, either in the Play Store or the App Store. Because this application is illegal, the official market will not be responsible for displaying applications like this. 

FILE SIZE 56 MB Version 9.52 January 2023
MINIMAL OS 4.3 and above

How to install WA GB GB WhatsApp


When talking about the official WhatsApp, the download stage can be done directly through the Play Store. However, since this is a modded app there are a number of different things to be aware of. Pay attention to the following exposure!

1. Download the Application File

Before installing, of course the very first step is to download this one application file. With its status as a modified application, it means that the user must download via the link provided.

The trick is to click on the link, then press the Download button which is available on the site page that is directed to the user. After that, check whether the downloaded file is saved in the Downloads folder via the File Manager menu.

2. Enable Third Party Install Permissions

After the application file has been saved, the next step is to enable third-party application installation permissions. In this case, the Android system usually uses the term "Unknown Source".

This step is an important step that must be done every time you install a modified application, including WA GB GB WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the steps to be taken are as follows.

  • Go to menus Arrangement.
  • Tap on the menu Security, then give a tick on options Unknown Source.

3. Disabling Google Play Protect

Several types of smartphones are installed with a higher security system. This makes users who want to install modified applications such as WA GB GB WhatsApp have to disable the Google Play Protect feature.

This feature does work automatically to block legal applications, such as the APK mod type. If this feature remains active, the installation steps will not be successful, or it will succeed but the application cannot be run.

How do I disable it? Pay attention to the following stages.

  • Go to menus Arrangement.
  • Screen scroll down, then click menu Biometrics and Security.
  • Tap on the option Google Play Protect.
  • Click the Settings menu icon in the upper right corner of the features page.
  • Disable the feature Improve malicious app detection and Scan apps with Play Protect.

4. Installation

The installation permission has been done because the features on Google Play Protect have been deactivated. This is the time to install the application, so that it is properly installed on the smartphone. Like these are the steps.

  • Go to menus FileManager on the smartphone, then find download files.
  • Click files, then click Install.
  • When the pop-up from Play Protect appears, click Reject.
  • Wait for the installation stage until it is actually installed on the device.
  • Click Finished, and the application can already be used.

How to Update the Latest WA GB GB WhatsApp Application?


The main advantage of GB WA is its premium features which can be used for free. However, it will be a problem if the user does not regularly update the application. The biggest risk is being blocked directly by the original developer.

The update method in question is a bit inconvenient, because this is a modified application. Users are forced to carry out similar steps, such as just downloading the application file. After getting the file in the latest version, follow these steps.

  • Open the app GBWA, then click triple dot icon next to the top right corner.
  • Click menus GB WA Settings, then find the option that says Update Menu.
  • If new version already in the list, click update links.
  • The system will bring the screen display to new page, then do download steps as previously explained.

As is known, WhatsApp is popularly used in Indonesia. With WA GB GB WhatsApp, additional features will give satisfaction to users who want to experience the sophisticated work of this application.


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