Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money Latest version 2023 Unlock – In the era of technological progress and popularity in the world of games, many developers produce popular games that are of great interest. one of the games that is being played a lot is the Latest Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money.

This game is included in the puzzle category, where you have to try to guess one of the players who is in disguise. This game is quite interesting to play together.

Each player has a different role, not to bring each other down by slandering each player. this time Mimin will explain this super sus game Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Character.

Super Sus Mod Unlimited Money


Super Sus Mod Unlimited Money is a gameplay where players have to drop or guess one of the players as an impostor. not working together but dropping or accusing other players.

This game is carried out with other people totaling 10 players. in this game you will act as an enemy or impostor according to the task you get.

Players must be more careful in reading each situation or instructions so that players can win this game. The fact is that sometimes Impostors can slander you as Impostors.

This Impostor-themed game has an interesting sensation in terms of graphics. So that when you play it you won't feel bored and just mediocre.

In supporting this, a modified application is needed so that it adds to the pleasure of the players.

To play this game, the player must first select the gameplay contained in the home menu of the game.


These games have their respective roles including Spacecrew, Impostor, and neutral. For Impostors Have the task of Killing other players. In playing this game players can choose the game according to what they want, both classic and rank.

Meanwhile, the selection of roles is carried out randomly so that you play the role of Impostor, Spacecrew or Neutral. The essence of this game is to get victory by going around the arena to complete the mission

Take on the role of a Spacecrew and Know the players who are Impostors.

Features Available in Super Sus Mod Menu Apk


Previously on this super sus golden star mod. the players will be given interesting things that can add to the fun of playing it.

To find out what additional features are available in this game, just look at the explanation carefully.

1. All Unlocked Characters

In a game, usually players can only use limited characters, and if players want to use other characters they have to spend money.

In the Super Sus Mod Apk unlock feature, players can use various characters for free that have been provided. So that players feel satisfied with this game.

Apart from selecting characters, you can also add various accessories in the form of skins so that they look attractive.

2. Golden Star Unlimited

For players who have played this Super Sus game, you must have heard the word Golden Star very often and are familiar.

Yes, that's right, the Golden Star is one of the items in this game. Serves as a means of payment in order to modify a desired character.

When downloading the Super Sus golden star mod, you won't feel like you're running out of using the golden star so you can modify your character the way you want.


3. Do Voice Messages

Now in this game you can use the chat feature. this feature can make it easier for players to communicate indirectly with other players.

however, you must be careful in communicating with other people because these people can easily guess you from the way you communicate.

So you have to be able to convince other players that you are not a player who acts as an Impostor but a Spacecrew or neutral character.

4. No Ads

Apart from being able to communicate with other players and get a Golden Star, if you download the super sus mod menu apk 2022.

In general, a game is never separated from the name of an advertisement which usually appears in every game.

So that the players will not feel disturbed and feel satisfied in playing this game. the concept of advertising in a game can reduce the basis of game play.

But if you download an application that has been modified, you will avoid displaying advertisements so that it adds a sense of excitement in playing a game.

5. Easy to Play

In the game it can be said to be quite simple, players will not find difficulties in the gameplay because it has been made as simple as possible in the game Super Sus Mod apk.

There are still many interesting features that you can play in the game super sus mod apk Unlimited golden star which has been modified so that it makes you curious and wants to download it immediately.

You need to understand that the game that we will provide is not in the form of the official version but a modified version. So you will get lots of characters and skins which of course you can get for free.

Link Download Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money


interesting features in this game can make players more impressed and want to play it. but you don't worry because here we have provided the download link and the steps in installing.

You can enjoy the features described above freely by downloading the article To be able to enjoy the game Super Sus Mod Apk, it can be downloaded at the link below.

Application Name : Super Sus Mod Apk

Version : Latest Version 2022

File size: 147 MB

Download links : HERE

Now you have got the application file easily and you don't need to look for it here and there, because in this review you can directly download it on the link provided below.

Install Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Character and Money


If you feel confused in downloading Super Sus Mod Apk. Don't worry, here we will provide a guide.

So that it will make it easier for you to download and get interesting features for free without having to pay extra.

But what you have to remember is that the Modification Application has a slightly different installation method from the Application in general,

for that we make it easier for you to provide installation tutorials. Follow the Download Tutorial as follows.

  1. First download the Super Sus Mod Apk application on the link provided above
  2. After the download process is complete, then open it fileManager.
  3. Click folders Downloads, Then look for the file Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited unlock all.
  4. Select an option Install for the Application Installation process
  5. Enable Prior Access Unknown Source Installation permission on features Arrangement.
  6. Wait Until the process is complete
  7. When finished click Ok and games can be played

That's all the explanation that we can convey, hopefully it can help and make it easier for you to download and play the Super Sus Mod Apk Unlimited Money game. Wait for the continuation of the next article. Thank you.


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