RA WhatsApp 9.45 Download Mod by Latest Fouad No Banned

The WhatsApp application is one of the most modified applications by developers. The developers continue to innovate by adding premium and attractive features to the application. One modification application that is very popular, especially in Indonesia, namely RA WhatsApp.

The RA WhatsApp modification application has just been developed by an Indonesian citizen so that it is equipped with features that are indeed very suitable for the needs of the domestic community. The features provided in it cannot be found from the original version of the WhatsApp application.

Know What is RA WhatsApp?


RA WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp application developed by Ridwan Arifin, a native Indonesian developer who adds various cool features to the original version of WhatsApp. The name RA itself stands for the name of the developer of this application.

By using the RA WA modification application, users can access various cool features including unique themes and stickers that cannot be found on the original version of WhatsApp. Therefore, many Indonesians like to use this modified WA application because of its uniqueness.

At first glance, the RA WhatsApp application may have almost the same function as other modified WhatsApp applications, but Ridwan Arifin as the developer added several elements to it.

In terms of application size, RA WA is quite small so it can be installed on a limited capacity smartphone. It's just that, because it is a modified application developed outside of the Meta company, you must be careful that the application is not blocked or exposed to virus threats.

Best Premium Features of RA WhatsApp Application


The WhatsApp RA Mod application is equipped with a variety of excellent features which include better security privacy, a variety of interesting theme choices, varied emoji and stickers, to more chat customization features. Following are the RA WA premium features:

1. Send Large Number of Images Feature

If you use the regular WhatsApp application, generally the number of images that can be sent at one time is limited to a few files. So to send lots of image files, you have to send them many times and repeat the process until it's finished.

This is of course quite inconvenient, especially if you send a lot of files and you want to send them to many recipients. However, if you use the RA WhatsApp application, the sending process can be done in one click even though the number of files sent is large and they also have to be sent to many people.

Users can send up to 90 photos in one go to multiple recipients.

2. Features Eliminate Online Status and While Typing

The next feature on RA WA is that it can remove online status and also information that you are typing from someone else's WhatsApp so that other people will not know when you are online. This privacy protection is not available in the official WhatsApp application.

This feature is very helpful for anyone who really prefers privacy, including privacy when doing online activities on social media.

3. Chat Lock For WhatsApp Chats

In terms of privacy, it can be said that the RA WhatsApp application is far superior in protecting conversations in it compared to the original version of the WhatsApp application. This is because the RA WA application is equipped with a chat lock feature for WhatsApp.

The chat lock feature allows you to lock important and private messages contained in WhatsApp. So that other people will not be able to open the contents of the conversation on your WhatsApp, both group and personal conversations, without your permission.

4. Friend Status Download feature

RA WhatsApp is equipped with features available on other social media platforms, namely the feature of downloading the statuses of friends in your cellphone contacts. This download feature allows you to save friends' statuses such as videos and photos to your device without the help of a third application.

You only need to press the save or download button on RA WA and the file will be downloaded immediately. Of course, this feature cannot be obtained if you use the official version of the WhatsApp application.

5. Feature Read Deleted Messages

Today's original version of the WhatsApp application is equipped with a delete message feature for everyone, which allows the sender to delete the message when it is sent to another person or to a group.

Even though it really helps maintain privacy, especially if the message sent is wrong, this feature sometimes makes those of us who receive it curious. Especially if the message has been deleted by the sender.

RA WA is equipped with a unique feature that allows you to still see messages that have been deleted by the sender, either private messages or messages in groups.

7. App-Specific Airplane Mode Feature

If in the original version of the WhatsApp application you cannot deactivate the application when the internet network is still connected to the smartphone, then this is not a problem for the RA WhatsApp application.

The RA WA application is equipped with an airplane mode feature that can be turned on specifically for the application itself. So you can deactivate this chat application even though the cellular network on the cellphone is still on.

This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to feel calm and not be disturbed by messages on WhatsApp but still needs a cellular phone network. Messages in the new WhatsApp application will enter when you disable airplane mode in the application.

Advantages of RA WhatsApp Application


There are many advantages to the RA WA application both in terms of more diverse features, appearance and also increased capacity when sending messages. Below are the main advantages offered by the modified WhatsApp application developed by Indonesian developers:

1. The quality of sent media does not decrease

One of the weaknesses of the original version of the WhatsApp chat application is that any media sent, both photos and videos via WhatsApp, will experience a decrease in quality, both in terms of file size and quality.

So even though the original photo file is HD quality, when sent via WhatsApp the file will experience compression and decrease in size and quality. Therefore, the RA WA application is designed not to automatically compress sent media files, both photos and videos.

Each file sent will remain in its original quality so you can freely send photo and video files via RA WA.

2. More Varied Privacy Settings

The next advantage of the RA WA application is that there are more choices of privacy settings than the original version of WhatsApp. If on the original version of WhatsApp you can only disable the blue check mark or the message has been read, the WhatsApp mod APK has more settings.

You can choose various options for privacy settings, starting from removing the message mark as read, last online or last seen, removing online status and currently typing information. It can be said that the privacy on modified WhatsApp is far more complete than the original WA.

3. Install Uncut Video Status

The advantages of RA WhatsApp can also be found in terms of the ease of uploading statuses. If in the original version of the WhatsApp application you have to divide the video file into several parts so that it can be uploaded as a complete status, then if you use the WA mod application it is not necessary.

The original version of WhatsApp limits one upload of video duration to only 30 seconds. Meanwhile, if you use RA WA, the video will be uploaded immediately without having to divide it every 30 seconds.

4. Send Large Files

The next advantage of the RA WA application is the ability to send large files via chat. One of the weaknesses of the original version of the WhatsApp application is the limit on the file size that can be sent.

The file size that can be sent reaches tens of MB or even hundreds of MB depending on the version of the application used. Meanwhile, if you use the original WhatsApp application, the file size sent is limited to tens of MB.

So you have to use a third application to send files such as email and Google Drive.

5. More Attractive WhatsApp Themes

The next advantage of RA WhatsApp is the theme of the application which is more diverse than the WhatsApp application. Users are possible to modify the WhatsApp theme they want to use according to their needs.

You can change the background on the WhatsApp Mod APK theme and change the typeface and font used when typing.

6. More Varied Choice of Stickers and Emoji

If you use the RA WA application, then you can find a wider collection of stickers and emoji available in the application database. Interestingly, all of these emoji and stickers are available for free and you can use all of them right away without buying them first.

You simply download the collection of emoji and stickers you want without having to install third-party applications to use them when sending chats. Try to get creative with the emojis and stickers available.

7. Designed Safer Than Block

The RA WhatsApp application is designed to be safer than being blocked or banned. This is difficult to find from other modified applications that are prone to blocking. It's just that, you still have to be careful and always be vigilant if you suddenly get blocked from Android and Apple.

WhatsApp RA Application Specifications

Before downloading the RA WA application, it's a good idea to know in advance about the specifications of this modified WhatsApp application to determine whether your smartphone device meets the minimum specifications for installation.

Application Name RA WhatsApp
Developer Modder (Ridwan Arifin)
Minimum OS Android 5.0 and above and iOS
Version Latest version
File Size 50MB
License Fee Free

Link Download RA WhatsApp


As is known, the RA WA application is an application modified by a developer outside the Meta Company, so this application is not available from the Google Play Store. To download it, you need the latest 2022 RA WhatsApp download guide below:

  • First make sure your internet network is stable so that the download process can run to completion
  • Open the website browser application installed on the smartphone and click the following download link HERE
  • Press the Download button in the upper right corner and wait for the download process to finish
  • Application files will be saved in the folder you selected or by default in the Downloads folder

How to Install RA WhatsApp on Android and iOS Smartphones


RA WhatsApp Mod APK is an application that was developed illegally by developers outside the Meta company as WhatsApp official license holders. So this application is downloaded from outside the Google Play Store. Therefore, to install this application must be done manually.

  • In order for the device to be able to install applications from outside the Google Play Store and App Store, the settings on the device must first be changed and adjusted to allow the application to be installed
  • First of all, enter the menu Settings or Settings on smartphones. The quick way is to click on the gear logo at the top of the smartphone
  • On the Settings or Settings menu, several submenu options will appear. Scroll and click the option “Privacy and Security”
  • On the Privacy and Security submenu, click the option “Allow Unknown Sources” until a tick appears on the submenu option indicating that this option is active
  • Furthermore, on the smartphone screen a notification will appear in the form of a question whether you are sure you want to activate the Unknown Sources option. Click Yes to activate. You should understand the risks when enabling this option
  • At this point, your smartphone is ready to install applications from outside the Play Store or App Store.
  • Search folders Downloads where you save the app download file. Click the application file to start installing
  • The installation process will take some time. Wait until the installation process is complete and the application is installed on the smartphone.

Risks of Using the Modified WhatsApp Application


Although so far there have been no complaints from RA WA application users regarding security issues and so on, you are advised to be careful when installing and using modified applications because there are still threatening risks. Here are the risks:

1. Risk of Mal*are and Vi*us

One of the biggest risks of installing modified applications from outside the Google Play Store and App Store is the threat of virus and malware attacks. These viruses and malware could have been entered by the developer or the site where the application is downloaded.

The existence of viruses and malware that attack devices can cause various problems such as slowing down device performance, device overheating, disrupted device performance and even data theft.

2. Risk of Privacy Leakage

The privacy of your data stored on the device can be leaked at any time if you download modified applications from outside the Google Play Store and App Store. The threat of privacy leakage is one of the biggest threats considering there is no data protection in modified applications.

Data such as contact lists, chat history, sent media can be stolen by irresponsible parties. Therefore you are still asked to remain alert.

3. Risk of being banned or blocked

The next risk when using the WhatsApp Mod application is that the application can be banned or blocked at any time by Android or iOS. If the application is blocked suddenly, it is feared that the contents of the chat in it will be immediately lost so that your important data cannot be recovered.

To avoid being blocked, you are advised to routinely download the latest RA WhatsApp APK v9.45 anti-banned or the latest version of the application because the latest application is generally equipped with better security than the previous version.

RA WhatsApp as one of the modified WhatsApp applications offers a variety of premium features which are certainly very liked by Indonesian users. However, because it includes a modified application, you are advised to be careful when using it.


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