Picsay Pro Mod Apk Full Font Download Latest Premium 2023 – PicSay Pro is a photo editing application that can be accessed using smartphone devices only. With this application photo editing activities become easier and faster. Changing the background of a photo with another color or image can be done easily thanks to the full range of features in it.

The PicSay application itself is actually available for free on the Google Play Store or App Store. However, the features in it are still inferior compared to the Pro version of the application. So to maximize the potential of the feature you have to use the Pro version of PicSay.

Fortunately, now there is the Picsay Pro Mod APK application that anyone can download and use for free. This modified PicSay application is very suitable for use by those who have a built-in smartphone camera that is less capable of capturing photos.

Get to know the PicSay Pro Application

Get to Know-Application-PicSay-Pro

The PicSay Pro application is a special photo editing application for Android smartphones that is very light in size, which is less than 5 MB. Therefore this application is very suitable to be installed on Android smartphones with low specifications, namely 1GB RAM and even 512MB and limited internal memory size.

Like most applications today, the PicSay application has also launched two versions on the market, namely a free version with limited features, namely PicSay, and a premium version that can only be accessed if the user pays a subscription fee, namely PicSay Pro.

To subscribe to the service application PicSay Pro is actually not expensive. You only need to pay a subscription fee of IDR 20,000 through the Google Play Store.

It's just that, for some people, Rp. 20,000 may seem like a lot, especially for students and ordinary people who still want to practice photo editing.

For those of you who can't afford to pay a subscription fee, you can use a modified version of the PicSay premium application that has been modified by a developer outside of PicSay and distributed free of charge.

Even though it is a modified version, the wealth of features in the PicSay Premium Mod application is no less than the original version. You can edit photos to produce more aesthetic photos in a short time because the user interface is designed as simple as possible.

Features of the Free APK Picsay Pro App


There are many premium features that are unlocked and can be accessed for free in the modified version of the PicSay Pro application. Here are some excellent premium features that you can access:

1. Photo Brightness Adjust feature

For those who have trouble getting good photos directly from the camera, it could be because the camera lens is not of good quality or the skill is still lacking in adjusting the lighting, then you can improve the photo using the photo brightness adjustment feature in PicSay premium.

You can set the desired brightness level for the photo. What's even better is, you can choose which photo spots you want to increase the brightness so that the photo will look more aesthetically pleasing than if it was left in its original form.

2. Blur Effect Feature

Who wants to add a blur effect to a photo to make it look like a professional shot? Those of you who are still new to it may be a little confused about how to give a blur effect to a photo. Fortunately, now there is a feature to add a blur effect to photos in the PicSay Pro application. This blur feature was very trending and liked because it can make a photo look more aesthetic. You can select the parts of the photo that you want to blur the image. All features can be selected easily because they have been designed as simple as possible.

3. More Emoji and Sticker Features

The next interesting feature that PicSay premium has is that there are a variety of emoji and stickers which are very complete compared to the standard or free version of PicSay. However, since you are using PicSay mod, you can enjoy a large selection of premium emoji and stickers for free.

There are hundreds of choices of stickers and emoji such as cartoon face parts, animals, unique writing, cartoon icons and so on. You can use this feature in the Insert section then select New Sticker and so on.

4. Shadow and Saturation features

The next important feature that you can access for free by using the PicSay Pro mod application is the shadow and saturation feature. Shadow and Saturation are very important in the photo editing process, especially if you want to give shadow and lighting effects to a photo.

This feature allows you to adjust the photo shots with the desired shadow and lighting effects. If you are skilled at using this feature, you can even make your captured photos look like paintings.

5. Photo Filters feature

The next important feature in the PicSay application is the photo filter feature. This Pro filter is actually available in the standard or free version of the PicSay application and also the premium or paid version.

It's just that, specifically for PicSay Pro which is paid, the filter feature options and also more frames so you are more free to be creative. There are various cool filter options such as matte, solid border, rounded corners, instant, film, top lens filter, vignette, focal blur and so on.

6. Color adjustment feature

The modified PicSay Pro application has been equipped with additional features in the form of a color adjustment feature which is useful for changing the overall color of the photo according to the selected color theme in the color adjustment database.

The standard PicSay application is actually equipped with a color adjustment feature, but there are fewer theme choices available. In the premium version of the PicSay application, there are color adjustment effect options such as colorize, hue, grayscale, black and white, rainbow, duotone, blend with color to artistic options.

7. Insert Image feature

To help those of you who want to edit photos by inserting an image in an existing main photo, you can use the Insert Image feature at the top of the application.

The image insert feature is very important for those who sell on marketplaces or online stores because it will often be associated with photos and images. You can make the product's main photo look better by inserting another image.

8. Size Adjustment feature

The next best feature in the PicSay Pro application is the size adjustment feature or photo size adjustment. With this feature, users can easily resize photos according to their needs or the format requested.

When taking photos, generally the size of the photo will indeed vary, it can be large and small. When the photo size is not right for uploading on social media, the photo will be cropped or cut automatically by the social media application. This makes your photos look weird and ugly.

To prevent this problem, you can adjust the photo size scale easily using the size adjustment feature. This application also provides a choice of scales that are most often used on social media.

9. Crop Image feature

The premium version of the PicSay application is equipped with a crop image which has various crop shape options as desired. You can crop images in rectangular or rectangular shapes and can also crop them using other shapes such as circles, triangles and so on.

Advantages of the New Picsay Pro App


Apart from the more complete features in the premium version of the PicSay application, you will also get more advantages in the PicSay Pro Update 2023 application. Below are some of the main advantages that the application has:

1. Easy to Operate

The first advantage of the PicSay Pro application is the ease of operating this application even for beginners. Various features and menu arrangements are made in the form of a very simple and easy-to-learn user interface.

Interestingly, when you first open the application, you will be given a short tutorial about some of the main features and placement of the menus in the application.

2. More Popular and Attractive Font Choices

The first advantage of the PicSay premium Mod application is the large selection of font types available in the database. With so many font choices in the application, you can be more free to choose the best type of font that will make photo edits more unique and interesting.

You can even find many types of popular fonts that are commonly used by world-renowned brands and are the hallmark of that brand. That way you can make photo and image edits that mimic the style of well-known brands.

Interestingly, this font style can not only be applied to photos but also applied to videos. After finishing editing photos, you can immediately share the edited photos on social media.

3. All Premium Features Unlocked

There are many premium features that are unlocked when you access the modified Picsay Pro application. In addition to the features above, you will also get access to the HDR setting feature, tool sharpen and a database of effect options, fonts and more emoji stickers.

4. Various Premium Features Available Free

The advantage of the next newest PicSay Pro mod application is that users are free to access many premium features for free without having to pay a penny.

This is because the PicSay premium mod application is a modified version developed by developers outside the PicSay company and shared for free on the internet.

It's just that, because the PicSay application is a modified version, you should be careful when you want to install the application for fear that there is a virus or other problems. Below will be explained the risks of installing modified applications and guidelines for downloading applications.

Modified Version of the PicSay Pro Application Specifications


Even though the PicSay Pro application comes in a relatively small and light size, as a user you must understand the detailed specifications of this application so that you can determine the compatibility of your smartphone device with the application installed.

Application Name PicSay Pro APK Mod
Developers Shinycore App
Size 45MB
Minimum Operating System Android version 4.4 or more
Cost Free
R**ting HP Not


Guide to Download the Latest Picsay Pro 2023


Because the PicSay Pro Mod application is not an official application from the developer, you must download the application from outside the Google Play Store. Here's how to download it:

  • First of all, open the website browser application on the smartphone
  • Click Picsay Pro download link below to start the download HERE
  • Press the Download button located on the download screen
  • Wait a few moments for the file to finish downloading.

Guide to Install Picsay Pro Mod on an Android Smartphone


As is known, the PicSay Premium Mod application is an illegal application that was not developed by the official PicSay application developer. So to install this application must be done manually by making settings first. Here's the guide.

  • The first thing to do is open the menu Settings or Settings on smartphones. You can also use the fast method by pressing the icon Gears on the top side of the screen
  • On menus Settings or Settings, scroll down and click on one of the Settings submenus ie security or Security
  • On submenus security, scroll and click menus Source Not Known or Unknown Sources. Click this menu until a green checkmark appears next to the menu to indicate the menu is active
  • The smartphone screen will then display a notification to confirm that you will indeed Enable Unknown Sources. Press OK
  • After the preparation is complete, the next step is to install the file by opening the Download folder on the smartphone
  • Look for a file called Picsay-Pro-Mod.APK and press this file to start installing
  • The installation process will take some time

Risks of Downloading and Installing Modified Apps on Smartphones


So far, there have been no complaints from users of the Picsay Pro Mod application, both in terms of security and operating comfort. However, because it is an illegal modified application, you should always be careful not to run the risk of installing the modified application below:

1. Risk of being Blocked or Banned

Modified illegal applications always have the risk of being blocked or banned by Android and the official application. Moreover, Google is currently equipped with an illegal application access detection system that is installed on smartphones based on data entered into a Google account.

If Google has detected the existence of an illegal application accessed via a smartphone, then Google will immediately limit your access to various Google features.

Actually there is a way to reduce the risk of being blocked, namely by regularly updating the modified Picsay Pro application as soon as the latest version is released. The latest version of the application is generally equipped with a better security system to prevent blocking.

2. Leakage of Privacy Data

The next risk of using illegal modified applications is that there is no security for privacy data stored on smartphones. Data that can be leaked consists of conversation data, contact number data to files stored on the smartphone.

The risk of data leakage is certainly a dangerous thing that must be given serious attention considering that your important data can be traded outside. Therefore, you should thoroughly check the application by looking at reviews from IT experts directly.

3. Risk of Exposed to Mal*are and Vi*us

The risks that most often haunt modified applications are malware and viruses that can threaten your smartphone at any time.

Considering that this application is downloaded from outside the Google Play Store, there is no guarantee of security if the download site is free from viruses and malware. Virus-infected software will be easily damaged, overheat quickly and slow down performance.

Picsay Pro mod is a photo editor application that is equipped with many premium features and can be accessed for free from your smartphone. However, because this application is a modification application, you must be very careful when you want to download and install applications to your smartphone.


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