OG WhatsApp Pro Apk Official (Download the Latest OGWA 2023)

plnlabuhanangin.co.id – OG WhatsApp is one of the WA Mods that you must consider. The reason is, this application offers the best features typical of WA Mod, which will not be in the original version. Of course, you can rely on this application to communicate comfortably and smoothly.

Indeed, there are many types of WA Mods out there, but OG WhatsApp is also one of the most popular and widely used WA Mods. So, if you want to use an unusual WA Mod, you can use this OG WhatsApp.

What is OG WhatsApp?


First, we will discuss what OG WhatsApp is first. Currently, there are indeed many versions of WA Mod that have been developed, to the point where users are confused. Apart from OG WhatsApp, there are GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero and many more.

OG WhatsApp is the official WhatsApp, but it has been modified in such a way that it has features not present in the original version. These reasons make many users switch to using OG WhatsApp, regardless of the risks involved.

So far, we have agreed that WhatsApp is the best chat application. Not only chat, even WhatsApp has other features that are no less useful, because users can make calls, video calls to share media (photos, images, documents, etc.).

However, behind its perfection, it turns out that many users complain about a number of things. For example, they cannot send media with sizes that tend to be large. Like it or not, they have to use other services if they want to share large media.

Well, the OGWhatsApp developers are aware of this, so they created a better version of WhatsApp. That said, users can send media of a larger size with OG WhatsApp, so there are more media options that can be sent.

Of course, there are many other things that OG WhatsApp has to offer, so you have to give it a try. Guaranteed, you will feel the experience of using WhatsApp that you have not felt before, definitely better and more complete.

Featured Features Offered by OG WhatsApp


Before using OG WhatsApp, make sure you know the ins and outs of this application, including what features are available in it. So, when you have installed it later, you can use application this to the maximum according to its function.

1. Safe Anti Blocking Feature

If you don't know, OG WhatsApp is an illegal application, because modders or developers modify it unofficially. Therefore, the use of applications like this is actually strictly prohibited, because they are dangerous, and can cause blocking.

Luckily, OG WhatsApp is equipped with an anti-blocking feature, which can minimize the risk of being blocked. With this feature, suspicious account activity will not be detected by the WhatsApp application system, so it is very safe to use.

However, if you are not sure, you can try a second cellphone number first. Do not immediately use the main number if you are still unsure. So, after it's safe, you can only use the main number that many people already know.

2. Lock Applications, Drive Out Evil Hands

The superior feature of the next OG WhatsApp is the application lock. So, this application is equipped with a feature to lock the application, so that it cannot be accessed by just anyone. With this feature, WhatsApp will be safe, other people won't be able to open it at all.

You are free to choose the application lock method, whether with a pattern, password or fingerprint. So, apart from you, no one else can just open WhatsApp and access the information in it.

Actually, WA is equipped with a fingerprint lock feature, but not all cellphones have this feature, so it's less useful. Likewise with cellphones, some are equipped with a built-in application lock feature, but only cellphones have come out lately.

Certainly, this feature is suitable for users with minimalist cellphones, with mediocre specifications. So, even if they don't have a fingerprint feature, default app lock or download additional apps, they can still secure WhatsApp.

3. Download WhatsApp Story Easily

Another important OGWhatsApp feature is downloading WA Stories. With this feature, OG WhatsApp users can download WA Stories or interesting statuses. They can save it in device storage, for offline viewing again.

Several years ago, WhatsApp did introduce WA Story, allowing users to upload stories like Instagram. They can upload pictures or videos, which can last up to 24 hours, before being deleted by the system.

Now, when using official WhatsApp, you won't be able to download the status. You can only take advantage of the device's built-in features, such as capturing or recording the screen. However, the results are certainly not as good as if you download it directly.

So, it's different when you've used OG WhatsApp, you can download all your friends' stories without using third-party applications or downloader sites. There is already a direct download button, one click the status will be automatically saved on the device.

4. Set a Schedule for Sending Messages

Like WhatsApp Business, you can set automatic or scheduled messages on the latest OGWhatsApp. This setting makes it easier for users who are busy and don't have time to hold the phone all day long.

So, when someone sends a message, a reply message will immediately appear to that person. So, they will understand that you are busy, and can't be contacted for a while. This prevents them from spamming messages or calling you.

You can set the sound of the message yourself, it's up to your needs. In essence, providing information that you are not available to be contacted temporarily. So, there will be no misunderstandings or worries thanks to this useful feature.

5. Anti Revoke Message

The next superior feature offered by OGWhatsApp is anti-revoke messages or anti-delete messages. With this feature, you can still see messages that have been deleted by the sender, the alias will not be deleted at all.

So, WhatsApp does have a feature for deleting messages, allowing users to delete messages that have been sent incorrectly, written incorrectly or simply won't be sent. The condition is, the message must be deleted before it is read by the recipient.

Well, unfortunately the above features won't apply if the recipient uses a WA Mod like OG WhatsApp. So, even if the message is deleted before it is read by the recipient, the message will not be lost, it is still available as if it had not been deleted.

Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to be curious about messages that were deleted by the sender. Moreover, if the sender is someone important to you, like a crush or girlfriend for example, that makes the deleted message seem suspicious.

6. Share Media with the Best Quality

Have you ever shared media (photos or videos), but it turns out that the quality is not like the original? Actually, this is a natural thing, because WhatsApp will compress the size of the media, so it can be sent more quickly.

It's faster, but unfortunately the quality also goes down. So, when you send media with HD quality, it may drop to SD. This is of course disappointing, because there is no point in using media with poor resolution.

Luckily, this won't happen when you have used OGWhatsApp 2022. The reason is, this application will not compress media sent via WhatsApp. So, the quality of the media will be the same as the original, if the original is HD, then it will still be HD after receiving it.

It's possible that media will be sent more slowly, given its uncompressed size. But it's still worth it, because the recipient will get media with good resolution. All this can happen only if you use OG WhatsApp.

7. More Protected Privacy

WhatsApp has a very good security system, they don't even know what users are talking about on WhatsApp. They also have decent privacy settings, users can hide some things they don't like.

For example, they can hide their last seen, so other people don't know when they were last seen on WhatsApp. They can also hide the message information sent and read, so they have no obligation to reply to the message immediately.

Unfortunately, they don't have features to hide online status, typing and recording. So, when you are on WhatsApp, a statement appears that you are online. Likewise, when you type and have audio, a description of typing and recording will appear.

However, when you use OGWhatsApp Pro, there will be no such problems. Yes, you can set your privacy very securely. So, you can use WhatsApp comfortably, you won't feel as if you're being watched.

8. Unlimited Themes Available

An interesting feature of OG WhatsApp that was not possible in the original version is the unlimited themes. Yes, when you are still using the official WhatsApp, you can only use the two default themes, namely the light and dark themes.

Of course, two themes are not enough, especially if the theme is monotonous, there is no color combination at all. Users can indeed change the wallpaper for chat, but it doesn't feel the same as when they can change the theme at will.

So, after you switch to using OGWhatsApp, there are endless themes available. Yes, you are free to choose any theme in this WA Mod, you can download it for free directly in the application. For example, the famous WhatsApp iOS theme.

In addition to a complete collection of themes, OG WhatsApp also frequently updates the themes they have. So, users can alternate relevant themes according to the times. Certainly, using WhatsApp to chat is not as boring as before.

9. Send Large Media

WhatsApp can also be used as a medium for sharing files, for example images, videos, documents (PDF, Word, Doc, etc.). Unfortunately, WhatsApp limits the file size that can be sent, a maximum of only 16MB.

Of course, this is very limited, because users cannot send larger files. Because the options are limited, like it or not, they have to use other ways to send large files, for example by email, Google Drive and so on.

However, it's a different story if you already use the OGWhatsApp APK, because you can send files with a larger size. With OG WhatsApp, you can send files up to 50MB in size and more, of course more files can be sent.

10. Send Messages and Call Contacts Without Saving Them

Of course, you've never had to send or call a number that hasn't been saved in your contacts. Yes, WhatsApp does require users to save contact numbers, so they can send messages or call them on WhatsApp.

So what if the number is only used once? Of course, it will be very inconvenient, especially if the number is not known and will not be contacted again. The good news is that sending messages or calling without saving contacts can be done on OG WhatsApp.

So, when you want to send a message or call a foreign or unknown number, just do it. No need to save in contacts first, which is very complicated. Of course, a lot of time will be saved thanks to this very useful feature.

Of course, besides the 10 main features above, there are many other features offered by OG WhatsApp. If you want to know what its features are, it is recommended to try it yourself. Below is also provided a download link that you can use.

Link Download OGWhatsApp Pro Free Vi*us 100%


Downloading OG WhatsApp cannot be anywhere, it must come from a valid and safe source.

Application Name OGWhatsapp Mod APK
Application Size 49MB
Version Latest
Minimal Android OS 4.0 +
Download links HERE

How to Download and Install OG WhatsApp


This application does not come from an official source, so the download and installation method must be manual, unlike most applications.

  • First, downloads OG WhatsApp via the download link provided.
  • Then open HP Settings > Privacy & Security then tick Unknown Sources.
  • After the download is complete, look for the application in File Manager > Internal > Downloads, then click on OG WhatsApp APK to install it.
  • Once the app is installed, go ahead open and register like in the official WhatsApp.

Is OG WhatsApp Safe to Use?


Using this application is safe, although the security level is not up to 100%. Moreover, there is an anti-blocking feature, which further enhances the security of OG WhatsApp. So, you don't need to worry when you are going to use it.

However, as safe as the modification application is, there are definitely risks that will be faced by its users. No matter how small the risk, you must remain vigilant. The good news is, so far there have never been any unpleasant incidents related to OG WhatsApp.

Safe Tips for Using OGWhatsApp


In the following, we share tips to be more secure when using OG WhatsApp:

1. Update the Application

Once there is the latest version of OG WhatsApp, don't delay updating it. Besides, you can update OGWhatsApp directly in the application. You can access it through the menu after OG WhatsApp.

2. Use a Second Account

Worried and unsure about the security of OG WhatsApp? You can use the second account first. In this way, you will not lose your main account, in case something bad happens like blocking.

3. Clear Cache

The next safe tip for using OG WhatsApp is to clear the cache. You can access the settings then go to the application menu and select OG WhatsApp to clear the cache. Apart from securing, clearing the cache can also free up internal memory.


Using OGWhatsApp allows users to experience dozens of interesting features that have never existed on official WA. However, don't be happy just yet, using OG WhatsApp also has risks, so you have to be careful.

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