Nekopoi Mod Apk 3.10 Latest Download Free Watch Anime – Are you a fan of anime movies? If so, try an online anime film streaming application called Nekopoi. This application provides a wide variety of choices and genres of anime films that do not exist in other online streaming applications.

By using this one application you can watch anime films as entertainment every day, starting from the latest anime films or even old anime films. Apart from movies, you can also watch anime series with complete episodes.

Interestingly, this application can be used for free without having to make any subscription. This is an advantage compared to other anime film online streaming applications that require payment.

About Nekopoi APK


For anime lovers, surely you don't want to miss your current favorite movie or anime series. Unfortunately, there are some anime that can only be watched on certain applications. There are even applications that don't provide complete episodes.

If you want to watch a complete movie or anime series, you can watch it through a streaming application called Nekopoi. This application is available in two versions, namely original and modified. The difference between the two versions of the application is the payment.

Which is where the MOD application has no subscription rules or it's free to watch anime films or any series. Because of this, many people end up choosing to use the MOD version of the application compared to the original.

The name Nekopoi itself must be familiar among weeaboos, especially those who like anime. The reason is, this application is one that shares a super complete collection of Japanese anime. You can easily find anime from any year and any genre here.

The mod version of the application is also equipped with features that make it easier for users. One of them is that you don't have to activate a VPN like other anime streaming applications. Without using a VPN, you can watch all anime with full internet speed.

Download Nekopoi MOD APK


If you want to download the original version of the application, you can search for it through the official platform, such as the Google Play Store. But it's different if you want to download the MOD version of the application. Because the MOD application is not an official application, you will not be able to download it through any official platform.

Then how to download this MOD version of the application? To download the MOD version, you can click the following download link:

Details Nekopoi MOD
Size 9.1 MB
Version 2.0.1
Minimum OS Android 5.1
Download Links HERE

How to Install the Nekopoi Mod Application


This application, which is a MOD version, cannot be found on the official platform. You can only download by clicking the link above. Next, you can install with the following steps:

  • Download the application by clicking the link above.
  • Open Arrangement phone then turn it on Unknown Source.
  • Then click again the MOD application that has been downloaded and click Install.
  • Wait until the install process is complete and if it's done you can immediately open and watch your favorite anime movies.

On some Android smartphones, especially those that already use the operating system version Oreo or later, how to install the application may be different. The setup steps are more or less as follows.

  • Go to page Settings or settings first.
  • After that, select the menu Apps & notifications.
  • Next, scroll page down and find the menu advanced.
  • Click on the Advanced menu then click Special app access.
  • Now click on options Install unknown apps.
  • Choose filemanager to activate the option.
  • How to activate it is a click toggled next to options Allow from this source.
  • After that, you can return to the page homescreen because the permission settings have been completed.

Installation Tutorials

The next step is to install the Nekopoi Mod application via the File Manager. Follow the steps to install the application below.

  • First make sure that you have download APK files from the link provided above.
  • Now open the app FileManager which was already set.
  • Just go straight to folders tfour you save the APK file. On most smartphones, the files will be stored in Internal Storage, more precisely in the Downloads folder.
  • Click the APK file what you have found.
  • Next, you will be directed to the application install page. Here, click on the menu Install.
  • Wait for a few seconds as this is the app installation process.
  • When the install process is complete, click done to exit the page.
  • If you want to open the application immediately after it's finished installing, you can click on the menu open.

Pros and Features of the Nekopoi MOD APK


Each modified application has advantages over the original application. One of the advantages is that it can be used for free without having to pay for any subscription. This of course makes many people like the MOD application compared to the official version of the application.

Apart from the advantages that you don't have to pay, there are several other advantages that you can get. The following are the advantages and features of the modified version of the streaming anime film application:

1. Full HD quality

The benefit of watching Nekopoi is the quality of the video produced is full HD. Therefore, many people like this application because it is very desirable to watch movies with clear quality. In addition, you can choose whatever video quality you want.

Starting from 480p to the highest, namely 1080p. But you need to know, the higher the quality you choose, the more internet you will spend.

2. Japanese Original Audio

Apart from videos with full HD quality, one of the attractions of the Nekopoi application lies in its audio. When watching anime, of course it will be more comfortable if you use the original Japanese audio. If you use audio in another language, the feel will be lacking.

Japanese audio itself sounds more fun, unique, and has its own characteristics. This is what makes weeaboo feel at home when watching episode after episode of anime.

All anime in the Nekopoi collection use original Japanese audio. So, you don't need to worry because there are no videos in other languages.

3. There are Indonesian subtitles

When watching movies from abroad or anime, surely you need Indonesian subtitles, right? Unfortunately, not all films in online streaming applications have complete subtitles. And this makes many people feel difficult when watching movies.

However, if you use the online streaming MOD application for anime films, you can watch movies or anime series complete with subtitles in various languages, one of which is Indonesian.

4. Offline Watch feature

This MOD application is an application for streaming movies or anime series online. But of course this will require a lot of internet quota right? Then how do you deal with being able to watch movies but still save on internet quota?

The trick is to watch the film offline. You can use this method on the MOD version of the streaming application. But make sure to download the movie you want first when online and if you have it you can watch it offline.

5. Free

It was previously explained that there are two versions of the Nekopoi application, namely the MOD and original versions. The difference between the two versions is that in the original version you have to make a payment first so you can watch all the films in it.

But in the modified version, you don't need to make any payments or it's free. This is an advantage that many people want so that the MOD application is in greater demand than the original version.

6. No Harmful Links

Modified version applications are unofficial applications made by third parties. Therefore, there are many risks that you can get if you use this application. But it's different if you use this MOD version of the application.

One thing that makes this application guaranteed is that no malicious links are found that usually appear in modified applications. So you can watch movies or anime quietly without being disturbed by pop up links that suddenly appear.

7. Ad-free

Usually, modified applications will change the payment per month by presenting advertisements in order to make a profit. This method is indeed quite annoying, especially if advertisements appear while you are watching your favorite movie or anime.

However, you will not find this if you use the Nekopoi MOD application. Because in this application there are no advertisements so you can use it calmly and completely free.

8. All Complete Anime Movies

As explained above, this one application has the advantage of providing complete anime films. You can even watch even the oldest or ongoing anime films.

The episodes they provide are also complete so you can watch your favorite anime series in order without having to miss an episode.

9. No Need to Use a VPN

If you use the original version of the application, you need a VPN to download the application. Why is that? Because this application is not available on Indonesian servers, you have to use foreign servers with the help of a VPN.

But if you use a modified version of the application, VPN assistance is not needed. You only need to download and install in the way described above.

Disadvantages of Nekopoi MOD APK


After reading the explanation above, maybe you already understand that the mod version of the Nekopoi application has many advantages. The question now is “are there any drawbacks that the application has?”

The answer is of course there is. This might be a consideration for you before downloading and installing the application. The following are some of the shortcomings that the Nekopoi MOD APK has.

1. Permanently Banned

The first drawback that you might feel is a permanent ban. This is usually done when Google's security system detects an illegal application installed on your device.

At first, Google might just give a warning. However, it is possible that your Google account will be banned or permanently blocked.

You can still use another Google account for activities on your smartphone. However, blocking this account permanently will obviously make it difficult for you in the future.

The potential for being banned doesn't just happen to Google accounts. Nekopoi may also do the same if they find you are using a non-official application. So, you have to be prepared for this possibility if you still want to install the mod version of Nekopoi.

2. Potential for Mal*are and Vi*us

You have to download the mod version of the Nekopoi application manually via a third-party website. The link above has also been provided. This is clearly different from downloading the official application from the Play Store.

No one can guarantee the security of the APK files that you download through the website. In contrast to all Play Store applications that have gone through a series of security checks.

Due to the lack of security checks, applications that you download from third-party websites are very vulnerable to potential malware and viruses.

Please note that mal*are is software developed to cause damage to devices such as smartphones and laptops/PCs. Meanwhile, vi*us is a program that can reproduce itself quickly, thereby disrupting user activity.

Both are very dangerous if they infect your smartphone. This may also happen when you install the mod version of Nekopoi.

3. Leakage of Personal Data

Apart from potentially transmitting viruses and malware, modified applications also have the potential to steal your personal data. The reason is, you never know what modifications the modder made to the application.

So, it's not impossible that mod applications can steal data on your smartphone. It would be very dangerous if you also have a mobile banking application. It could be that the application is broken into and makes your balance disappear.

4. Detriment to the Developer

The drawbacks of the next Nekopoi application are to the detriment of the developer. The reason is, this one modified application can open all content and features that should be paid for free. Automatically, the developer is disadvantaged because of this.

Downloading applications from unofficial sources is also a source of loss for developers. You should not use the mod application too often.

That is information about an anime film streaming application called Nekopoi. If you are interested in using it, please follow the steps and click the download link above. Enjoy your favorite anime movie.


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