MB WhatsApp iOS Mod Apk Your Whatsapp Exactly iPhone 14!

plnlabuhanangin.co.id - Currently, there are many types of modifications to WhatsApp. One of the popular applications is MB WhatsApp iOS. This application, like other modified applications, presents premium features that can be used for free.

This is because the use of the official application is considered too lacking for some people. That's why several third-party developers created a modified version, with the hope that using WhatsApp can be more effective than before.

Get to know MB WhatsApp iOS

Get to know-MB-WhatsApp-iOS

MB WA is a modified WhatsApp application created by a third-party developer. This application is already supported by advanced features that cannot be found in ordinary applications. This will make it easier for users to communicate.

Because of that, this application is in great demand by many users, making it popular and often targeted by people. With many modified applications from WhatsApp that are almost the same, MB WA can still be said to be no less competitive.

The advantages of this application itself are in its features. Meanwhile, its use is actually not much different from regular WhatsApp. It's just that, the addition of features that make it equipped with additional tools with different functions.

As application modification, this MB WA includes unofficial or illegal applications. Even so, there are still many users who want to install it on their smartphones. With certain tricks, users must know how to keep their device systems safe.

Premium Features in MB WhatsApp iOS


MB WA is a modification application that can be accessed freely and for free. In fact, the premium features in question can be used without having to pay a penny. What are the advanced features superior to this application?

1. There are more than 1000 themes available

The first excellent feature is the use of more than a thousand attractive iOS themes. All themes can be used at will, and of course it's free. The attractive design of each theme can be used alternately every day.

In addition, themes are also not available with just one model, but with various types of designs. When the number of existing themes is very large, users can also try the themes one by one without fear of getting bored.

2. Ease of Sending Large Files

The next advantage in using MB WhatsApp iOS is in terms of sending files in large quantities, with greater limitations than the limitations provided by the official application.

Thus, a user who has a job with the need to send large and large files, doesn't need to worry anymore when using this application. These files do not need to be compressed or reduced in size, but are sent directly.

3. Manage Calls

As a WhatsApp user who also provides a voice call feature, maybe some users have a special time when they are very busy. This situation forces them to avoid incoming calls that are not from important people.

This application provides a call barring feature, in which some contacts can be set so that they cannot make voice calls to them. This will add to the feeling of comfort, even the user's privacy will be better maintained.

4. Download Friends Status

A friend's or another contact's new status might look interesting to save. But it's a shame, asking the owner for the original file sometimes causes embarrassment. To avoid this, just use the Download MB WhatsApp iOS feature which is on the story viewing page.

5. View Deleted Messages

This feature is also very beneficial for some users. Not only useful, but also complete the curiosity that sometimes arises. This condition occurs when someone sends the wrong message or maybe makes a typo.

Such messages are generally withdrawn or deleted by the sender. However, when the user wants to know what was submitted before, this feature can be used. So, there is no need to ask them to resend anymore, because the read deleted messages feature is in the MB WhatsApp iOS APK.

6. HD Resolution Status

Problems with the resolution of images or videos uploaded to stories are common for WhatsApp users. The resolution of the original file is not the same as the uploaded result, that is, it is getting less or not HD.

Apparently, this is indeed an application policy that automatically reduces the quality of content in stories. Not to mention, the next problem is the maximum story duration which is only limited to a maximum of 30 seconds.

This problem will no longer occur if you use MB WhatsApp iOS. All image and video content will not reduce the resolution in the story. Also, the maximum duration to be able to upload a video is five minutes. So, no need to do trimming again.

7. Message Translator

Of the many features available in the modification application, this one feature might sound more interesting than usual. The message translator on the latest MB WhatsApp does work like Google Translate. That means, the user no longer needs to leave the application.

When receiving or exchanging messages with foreign users, users only need to take advantage of the message translator feature, without having to open a browser first. This can also help users learn foreign languages without having to bother anymore.

8. Change Voice

This advanced feature works like a separate application. The superior point is that this feature can be directly used in the MB WA application.

This feature allows users to make voice calls, and change their voice with existing options, such as children's voices, alien voices, parental voices, or other voice choices.

9. Set up Auto Reply

Not enough with the features that have been mentioned, MB WhatsApp iOS has an automatic reply feature which will be very useful for workers with very busy schedules. This feature allows users to send replies without typing manually.

This feature is perfect for those who have a business or business account, so there is no need to worry anymore if a contact feels that the user has ignored their message.

10. Boom Chat

As the name suggests, the Boom Chat feature allows users to send similar messages repeatedly to a user. However, it should be noted that this feature sometimes causes the device to delay or experience lag.

The worst risk is that the device or user account can be banned or blocked. So, it's a good idea to use this feature only when necessary, or occasionally at a time, aka not too often, considering the consequences of using it.

11. Send Messages Without Saving Contacts

Even better, when using MB WhatsApp for iOS, users don't need to save a new contact number if they want to send messages. Usually, when a contact has not been saved, the user cannot chat with that recipient.

Just like other chat applications, this contact storage actually needs to be done. However, for users who are not comfortable with the system for saving contacts every time they want to exchange messages with a new number, this feature can be used.

Lack of MB WhatsApp iOS


Even though this application has been modified by a third-party developer, with interesting and sophisticated features that are tempting, this does not make the application without flaws. This one point needs to be known by prospective users.

Some of the shortcomings that should be understood are that this application is not an official application, so it will not be found in the Play Store. Thus, if you want to download and install it, you need a manual method that is slightly different from the usual method.

New users also need to understand that this kind of modified application is more vulnerable to being infiltrated by malware or viruses. Vi*us is something that endangers the device system on a smartphone, so you have to be more careful before deciding to install the application.

Download link for the latest MB WhatsApp iOS


After knowing the advanced features which are the advantages and disadvantages of this application, the next step is to download the application. Before downloading, of course, it has been said before that this application is not available in the Play Store or App Store.

The application's status as a modification application requires that it be downloaded manually, namely by first looking for the download link from various provider sites. However, before going there, it would be better to pay attention to the application specifications first.

MINIMAL OS 5.0 and above

How to Install MB WhatsApp iOS


After successfully downloading the application file, the next step is to install the application on the device. However, because MB WA is a modified application, you have to do the installation steps manually.

Usually the installation process is carried out directly through the official platform, this time there are several special steps that need to be carried out, as a modified application works as an application from an unknown source.

How does that mean? Maybe for those who are used to downloading modified applications like this, they already understand the stages in detail. However, here is a special tutorial for new users who are still trying it for the first time.

  • Go to menus Arrangement on cell phone.
  • Tap menus Security and Privacy.
  • Scroll the screens and tap on the options Unknown Source, then activate.
  • Go to menus FileManager on the phone, then search for and click download file.
  • Tap writing Install, then wait for the installation to succeed.
  • After that, the application can already be used.

How to Install MB WhatsApp iOS on iPhone


The steps above are how to install the app on an Android device. Then, what if the device used is iOS? New users, please see the tutorial below!

  • Make sure that the application file has been downloaded.
  • Click the download file, then click Agree, then tap a post Carry on.
  • Insert WhatsApp number for accounts in this application.
  • Take note OTP code for verification, then enter code
  • Fill name and enter profile picture on MBWA.
  • Select a menu Settings, then enable advanced features which has been described previously.

How to Change Android WA to iPhone Display


Some Android users who download MBWhatsApp iOS actually have the same desire, namely to change the appearance of WhatsApp like the appearance of WA on iOS devices. This feature is already available in the application, and of course there are steps to activate it.

This feature itself turns out to be included in the theme change feature, where thousands of available themes present a WhatsApp-like appearance on the iPhone. How to complete?

  • Open the app, then click triple dot icon in the upper right corner.
  • Can also choose Arrangement, then click MB Mods.
  • Tap an option MBThemes, and pay attention theme set which exists.
  • Search iOS theme, or tap on search column. Download the theme that, then apply.
  • After that, the appearance of MB WA has changed according to the selected theme.

Indeed, there are many advanced features of MB WhatsApp iOS that will help use this short messaging application. However, it's a good idea to take this into account because of the risk of modified applications that might be harmful to the device.


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