Lightroom Mod Apk v8.01 Premium Without Watermark + Presets – Currently there are many photo editing applications that can be run using smartphone devices, one of which is Lightroom Mod. This application is a mainstay photo editing application because it has a myriad of the best premium features that can be run by both beginners and professionals.

It's just that, not all the features of this application can be accessed for free. The Ad*be Lightroom application is actually the official application from the Ad*be technology company which you can download for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

However, if you want to use all the features in it, you must subscribe first. Fortunately, now there is an alternative for those of you who don't have the cost to subscribe to this best photo editing application, namely by using the mod APK version only.

Knowing What is the Lightroom Mod Application


The Ad*be Lightroom application is actually a photo editing application from Ad*be which has been equipped with the best photo and video editing features in it. This application can be downloaded freely through the Google Play Store and also the App Store.

Various features can be accessed in the application including the shadow, contrast, white balance, and other setting features, all of which can be accessed in the premium version of Lightroom.

However, like most other photo editing applications, the Ad*be Lightroom application is also offered in two versions, namely the standard version which is free and the premium version which is paid. For premium Lightroom, you can access all features but pay.

Therefore, many developers present the Lightroom Mod application which allows users to access all of its premium features for free. The premium features in the application are very sophisticated, made by Ad*be. As a result your photos are guaranteed to look more professional.

It's just that, because it's a modified application, you can't download it through the Google Play Store and App Store, but you have to download it from an outside website.

Lightroom Mod Application Features


The Ad*be Lightroom application has several main premium features which are the mainstay of this application. This premium feature will be unlocked when you use a modified version of the Ad*be application. The following is a list of premium features that you can access using a modified Lightroom.

1. Unlimited Layers feature

The excellent feature that the Lightroom Mod application has is the unlimited layer feature which makes you more free to add layers when editing photos and images. This unlimited layer has indeed become one of the mainstay features of each Ad*be photo editing application.

This is different if you edit photos using the default smartphone application which has a limit on the number of layers that can be added. By adding more layers, you can produce professional-quality photo edits with just a smartphone.

2. Full HD Quality Image Export Feature

The next cool feature offered by Ad*be Lightroom premium is the ability to save edited images in full HD quality without any broken images.

Apart from that, the Lightroom Mod application can be used to edit quite large photo files which are usually taken from DSLR camera shots.

However, to be able to edit large photo files, you certainly need qualified smartphone specifications, such as sufficient memory space. Even RAW format photos can be edited and processed using Ad*be Lightroom.

3. Update Presets feature

Preset is a term used to refer to a filter feature which is a dream for photo editors and photo owners who want to improve the appearance of photos so that they look smoother.

The Ad*be Lightroom APK Mod application provides a preset feature so that photos owned by users can be improved to make them even better. The preset feature itself is actually available in both standard and paid Lightroom. You can update presets to get the latest filter features.

4. Features Spot Removable and Adjust Brush

The latest version of the Ad*be Lightroom premium application has several additional features embedded, such as an updated spot removable and adjust brush. The spot removable and adjustable brush feature is useful for cleaning blemishes or spots in images.

For example, if you want to remove blemishes and spots on your face, you can use this feature. With this feature, the photos you have will appear cleaner from smudges and dirt.

In fact, this feature is said to produce better results than the Adobe Photoshop application.

5. Custom Presets feature

Who wants to try experimenting with their own filters or presets without limitations? If you are interested in sharpening your creativity by editing your own images using custom presets so that they fit your needs.

Interestingly, you can also include the Lightroom preset feature in the effects feature on Instagram Story and see what people think about this feature.

6. Feature of Adding Watermark

The next unique premium feature that is embedded in the modified Lightroom application is the steadfast watermark feature or watermark on the edited photo.

With this added watermark feature, you can provide a copyright or copyright mark for an image so that it is not used without permission by other parties.

This feature can only be accessed using the paid premium version of the Lightroom application. Fortunately, because you are using the Lightroom mod application, you will be able to enjoy this feature for free.

7. More Diverse Color Filters

The color filters in the modified Lightroom application are very diverse, making it easier for you as an editor to edit the appearance of photos to make them more beautiful and good. All you have to do is determine the filter presentation on the photo according to the chosen theme, such as a bright color theme for a cheerful feed on IG.

You can also do color grading in the photos that you have. Apart from that, there is also a color correction feature to correct the colors in the shots.

8. Complete Effect Setting Features

The next feature in the modified version of the Lightroom application is a more complete effect setting feature. For example, there are features of luminance and hue saturation, tonal, white balance tools, presence, lens correction and others.

In addition, the modified Lightroom application is also equipped with various contemporary effects such as urbex, kholder look, cinematic, white tone, teal and orange. These features if used properly will result in better photo editing.

9. Tone Curve feature

The superior feature of the next modification of Lightroom is the tone curve feature which is useful for editing photos so that they appear brighter in the desired spot.

Advantages of the Lightroom Mod Application


The latest Lightroom Mod APK 2022 full version has a myriad of advantages that make it very popular with novice and even professional photo editors. This is because there are several main advantages that this application has as follows:

1. No R**ting Required

The advantage of the Lightroom APK Mod application is that users don't have to reset their cellphone before installing the application. R**ting on a smartphone feels a bit complicated, especially for those who don't understand how to do it.

Fortunately, the developers of the three mod versions of the Lightroom application have done their r**t in the application system. So that users can simply download and then install the application directly without waiting for the r***ting which takes a long time.

2. Can Run in Low RAM

Even though Ad*be, as the company that develops the Lightroom application, is famous for the best editing applications in the world with large application sizes, Lightroom seems to have been designed to be lighter.

In fact, the Ad*be Lightroom application can run on smartphone devices with low RAM. The minimum RAM size to be able to run the Lightroom application is 512 MB.

3. No Annoying Ads

The advantage of the next Lightroom mod application is that there are no annoying advertisements when you open the application. This is certainly different than if you use a free application that you normally download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Because of the many advertisements that appear, these advertisements will fill the entire smartphone screen and really disturb your concentration.

Fortunately, if you use the mod version of the Lightroom application, the ad will not continue to appear. The absence of advertisements will allow you to maximize photo editing.

4. Editing History Remains Accessible

The advantage of carrying out the photo editing process using the Lightroom application is that each photo editing activity can be viewed again in the editing history which is stored automatically in the editing history menu. You can look back at this editing history if the file is saved in PSD format.

The history editing menu is of course very useful if you haven't finished editing photos or want to check back edit files that have been done before. This editing history can always be seen again in the PSD file that you have saved.

5. No Watermark or Watermark

One of the things that users of free photo editing applications hate the most is the results of editing which are automatically always embedded with an application watermark. As a result, your editing results will look very unprofessional.

Fortunately, if you use a modified Lightroom application, then each of your photo edits will not be embedded with the application's default watermark.

Lightroom Mod Application Specifications


Before installing the Lightroom Mod application on a smartphone, it is important for users to understand the specifications of the application so that it fits the device.

Application Details Lightroom Mod APK
Developer or Developer Ad*be
Application Size 119MB
Minimum Operating System (OS) Android Jellybean but preferably Android 8.0 or above
Rating on Google Play Store 4.2
License Fee Free
New version v8.1
Release Date November 4, 2022

Guide to Download the Latest Lightroom Mod

As previously discussed, this application is an illegal modified application. So you have to be more careful when you want to download and install this application.

  • Because the application is not available on the Google Play Store or App Store, to download it you have to go through a website outside
  • First of all, open the web browser on your smartphone. Type in keywords in the form of the application name Lightroom Mod.
  • You can also download the application via Lightroom Mod 2022 download link following

  • Press the button Downloads which is next to the app icon
  • Wait a few moments until the download file has finished downloading and is stored in the Downloads folder

Guide to Install Lightroom Mod Android

After the application file has been successfully installed and stored in the smartphone device folder, the next step that must be taken is to install the app. Because this application is an application from a third party, the installation does not take place automatically like in the Play Store. Here's how:

  • If you still have the official version of the Ad*be Lightroom APK application that was previously downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store, the first step that must be taken is to remove the installed application first.
  • First of all, prepare the smartphone device to install applications from outside by activating "Unknown Sources". You do this by opening the menu Settings or Settings
  • On the Settings menu, scroll down the menu until you find the option Security or Security. Click this option
  • Next, on the Security or Security menu, look for the submenu "Unknown Source" or Unknown Source. Press this submenu until a green check mark appears indicating the option is active
  • A notification will appear on the screen to verify if you really want to enable Unknown Source. Press YES
  • Now your smartphone is ready to install the application Lightroom Mod.
  • Go to the folder containing the downloaded Lightroom application files
  • Press the application file to start the installation. Wait for it to finish.

Risks of Installing Modified Applications on Smartphones


Indeed, installing Ad*be Lightroom Mod APK Premium Unlocked on a smartphone can help you access various premium features that should be paid for free. However, because it is an illegal version, there are some risks that you must understand beforehand.

1. Risk of Getting Vi*us and Mal*are Attacks

The first and most important risk that is very likely to occur if you install a modified application on your device is that it is vulnerable to viruses and malware. Applications developed by third parties and downloaded from outside the Google Play Store and App Store are very vulnerable to being infiltrated by viruses.

Therefore, you have to be very careful if you decide you want to install a modified illegal application on a smartphone device. Smartphones that have been infiltrated by viruses and malware will be easily damaged, heat up quickly, work slower and run the risk of leaking privacy data.

2. Risk of Permanently Banned Account

The next risk if installing a modified application is that the account can be permanently banned. When you register an account and log in to Lightroom Mod, Google will detect illegal activity being carried out using the smartphone.

If this happens, Google will immediately block your email account permanently causing your important data in the email and drive to disappear.

3. Risk of Leakage of Personal Data

When you install and log into a modified application, the application developer will have access to enter the data stored either in your email or smartphone.

Moreover, modified applications such as Lightroom Mod are not available in the Google Play Store or App Store, so they are not supervised by Google and Apple. So that the potential for delinquency by developers is very large.

The Lightroom Mod application is an alternative for those who want to access various premium features in the application for free. However, because it is a modified version, you have to be careful when installing this application because you are afraid that there is a virus in it.


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