Fouad WhatsApp Mod Apk Download the Latest Official Here! Currently the Whatsapp application is the most widely used online chat application. It's just that there are a number of things that limit users in establishing communication with this application. Therefore, Fouad Whatsapp is here as a solution to overcome these limitations.

Even though it has quite high popularity, the official version of the Whatsapp application has drawbacks, such as sending photos and videos that are still limited and so on. Because of this, there are third parties who modify the Whatsapp application to become an application that has no restrictions.

This modified application is also called the Fouad Whatsapp application. With this application, you can overcome all the shortcomings that exist in the original version of the WhatsApp application, one of which is being able to send as many photos as possible.

About Fouad Whatsapp Application


The Fouad Whatsapp APP is a modified application made by a third party by providing various superior features that will not be found in the original version of the application. The addition of the features provided makes using this chat APK even more fun to use.

Interestingly, this modified application from Whatsapp doesn't even take up much space on your smartphone because of its small size. So that the use of this application will not burden the performance of the device.

Unfortunately, this application is considered illegal because it was developed by someone who is not an official developer. In addition, the use of this MOD APK is only intended for Android smartphones by downloading via a link not from the Google Play Store.

The advantages of the Fouad WhatsApp APP


As application modification, Fouad Whatsapp has superior features that will not be found on the original Whatsapp. By using this application, the online chatting interests that you want to do will be fulfilled.

Interestingly, all the features available in the WhatsApp modification application are free of charge or free. Are you curious about the advantages of the latest WhatsApp Fouad APK? Check out the full review below:

1. Avoid Banned

The first advantage of this modified application is avoiding being banned. Why is this an advantage? Because usually applications made by third parties will have the risk of getting banned. This can happen because the application is an illegal application.

But this won't happen if you use the latest Whatsapp modification application. Because there are security guarantees that are not found in previous versions of the application.

Some time ago, Whatsapp has been intensively carrying out "patrols" to catch users who use non-official applications. Many users end up being blocked because of this operation.

But Fouad WA users don't need to worry because the developer always updates the security system. That way, Whatsapp won't know that you are using an illegal application.

2. Abundant Theme

The official version of Whatsapp only provides two types of themes, namely light or light themes and dark or dark themes. It is very limited so users often get bored.

If you use Fouad WA, you won't feel bored like this anymore. The reason is, this application has been equipped with dozens of themes that can be downloaded and applied immediately. If you are bored, you can also immediately replace it.

Not satisfied with the themes that have been provided? You can create your own theme according to the colors and images you like. You can even share this theme so that other users can download it.

3. Can Download Status

If you use the official version of the Whatsapp application, the status feature can only be used to view or create. Whatsapp does not provide a feature to download other people's status or yourself.

This is of course a drawback of the WA APK because users cannot directly download other people's statuses that are considered interesting. To overcome this, this WhatsApp MOD APK provides a feature that can be used to download other people's statuses or your own status.

4. Sending Multiple Photos

In the official version of the Whatsapp application, you will be given a limit on the number and size of photos that can be sent. This limitation is quite detrimental for people who work via Whatsapp because they cannot send a large number of photo documents every day.

If you are one of those people who likes to send large numbers of photos, then it's better to use the latest Fouad Whatsapp APK 2023. Even now there is a new project being developed for the photo sending feature to make it even better through this MOD APK.

5. Sending Large Files

Want to send large files via the Whatsapp application? This might be difficult for you to do if you use the original application.

But there's no need to worry because Fouad Whatsapp has a feature to send large files. The maximum file size that can be sent through this application is 50 MB.

While the original WA application only supports sending files with a maximum size of 20 MB. Pretty big difference, right? This will really help those of you who often send files for work or college needs.

6. Hide Typing or Online Status

Surely you know that the Whatsapp application shows online or typing status for users who are currently active or typing a message. This feature is useful enough to find out whether the user is in on mode or not.

But sometimes there are some users who feel that this feature is quite annoying. Unfortunately, from Whatsapp itself there is no feature to turn off this online or typing feature.

Therefore, the WhatsApp APK MOD is very helpful because there is an off mode to turn off the online and typing status features.

So, other Whatsapp users will not be able to see that you are currently opening the application, typing messages, or even recording audio.

7. App Lock Available

Fouad Whatsapp also has other advantages, namely the application lock. This feature is very useful for those of you who don't want random people to open conversations in the application. So your privacy is safer and more secure.

Using this feature is very easy. You only need to set it by clicking on the three dots in the initial Whatsapp display.

Actually the original version of the WhatsApp application provides a security feature in the form of application locking. However, this feature is only available for smartphones that have a fingerprint sensor. So, there is only one option to unlock the app.

In contrast to the Fouad version of the Whatsapp application, which has more options for locking applications. Options include PIN, pattern, and password. So, all smartphones can activate the application lock.

8. Stories can be Long

The official Whatsapp has rules for how long videos can be played on their Whatsapp status. Of course, this rule makes users feel limited because they cannot upload videos that have a long enough duration at one time.

To overcome this, you can try using the GB Whatsapp application. In this application you can send videos with the longest duration, which is 5 minutes.

9. Anti Deleted Messages

If you use the official version of the Whatsapp application, you must know that there is a message deletion feature. With this feature, the sender and recipient of the message can no longer find out about the deleted message.

But it's different if you use Fouad Whatsapp. Because in it there are features that can make the recipient of the message still be able to open the message even though it has been deleted by the sender.

Download the Latest Version of Fouad Whatsapp APP


If the official version of the Whatsapp application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, to download the latest Fouad Whatsapp 2023 APK, you must click the link below:

Details Fouad Whatsapp
Developers Fouad Mokdad
Minimum OS Android 4.0
Version New version
Size 67MB
Cost Free
Download Links HERE

How to Download the Latest Version of Fouad Whatsapp


In order for the downloaded application to be used on the device, there are several steps you must take first. The following are the steps to download and install a modified version of the WhatsApp application:

  • Download the WhatsApp MOD application via the link above.
  • When it's done, you can open it Arrangement on the phone then click Privacy or Security.
  • Then select tick or activate on writing Unknown Source.
  • If it's successful, you can find the download file then click to install.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete and you can enjoy the advantages of this WhatsApp modification application.

Differences between Whatsapp Original Version and MOD APK


To further compare the original and MOD versions of the Whatsapp APK, you can see the explanation in the following table:

Whatsapp Original Version Whatsapp MOD Version
Can only be used for one account Can be used for two accounts
Maximum send photos only 10 photos for one delivery Can send more than 90 photos each time delivery
No app lock Messages can be locked
Unable to view deleted messages Can view deleted messages
Typing status is visible Typing status can be hidden

Is Fouad Whatsapp Safe?


This question is very often asked by people who want to use Whatsapp Fouad. The answer to this question is actually relative because no one can guarantee the security of applications made by third parties.

Even so, the developer guarantees that users can use their application safely from the threat of being banned. With the condition that the user always updates the Whatsapp Mod application he uses.

The security protocol owned by Whatsapp is always updated at any given time. Like it or not, mod application developers must also update their applications to follow these developments.

So is the Whatsapp Mod application like Fouad safe? Of course, provided you always use the latest version.

Tutorial Install Whatsapp Mod Version


Are you sure you want to try the Whatsapp Mod application, especially the Fouad version? Please note that the way to install a mod application is different from installing the Play Store version of the application.

If you haven't tried it before, you should see the explanation below first. You will get a complete tutorial for installing the application manually.

1. Prepare the APK File First

Above, a download link for the Fouad version of the Whatsapp APK file has been given. Make sure you have downloaded the APK file to completion. After that, also make sure you know where the file is stored.

If you use another device to download the APK file, first move it to the cellphone where the application will be installed. Don't forget which folder you saved the file in.

2. Change Application Install Settings

Next, you also need to set permissions to install unknown applications. This is necessary because by default Android only allows the installation of applications from outside the Play Store. To install an application sourced from an APK file, you must follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings first on your Android phone.
  2. Then click on the menu Apps and notifications.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom and click on options advanced.
  4. Now click on options Special app access.
  5. Choose Install unknown apps.
  6. Next will be displayed a list of applications. Here you can select an application Files manager or something like that.
  7. Then activate the option Allow from this source by clicking the toggle.
  8. Now you can return to the home screen because the settings are complete.

3. Install the Application from the File Manager

The next step you have to do is install the application via the File Manager. If in the second step you set another file manager application, then use that application in this step.

Here are the steps to install the Whatsapp Mod application using an APK file.

  1. Open the app FileManager.
  2. Just go right in folders where you saved the APK file earlier.
  3. Click on the APK file, then you will be directed to a new page for installation.
  4. Click button Install.
  5. Next you just stay wait the install process is complete.
  6. If so, click the button done to be redirected away from the installation page.
  7. If you want to try the application immediately after it's installed, just click on the button open.

4. Applications Can Be Started Using

The application installation process is complete. Now you can start using the WhatsApp Fouad application and enjoy all of its premium features.

How to Update the Fouad Whatsapp Application


Previously it was explained that it is recommended that you use the latest version of the WA Mod application to avoid being banned. But how do you update the Fouad WA application?

Of course you can't do it through the Google Play Store like other applications. To update, you can follow the steps below.

  1. First, open the app Fouad WA first.
  2. If you have entered into the application, click on knob menu.
  3. Click on the menu Others then choose Fouad Mods.
  4. Now click on the menu Check Updates.
  5. Wait a few moments because the application will check whether there is an update or not.
  6. After that it will appear notification if there is an update.
  7. Click Downloads.
  8. You will be redirected to the download page at website official Fouad.
  9. Click on the button/button Downloads contained on that page.
  10. If you have finished downloading the APK file, continue with install in a manner manuals.
  11. Make sure you install the application until it's successful so that no errors occur.

Even though the procedure is almost the same as installing a new application, your chat data will not be lost.

The use of Fouad Whatsapp may have other risks even though it is claimed to have guaranteed security. This is of course because the application is still fairly illegal and the security could be weak at any time. Therefore, just use this modification application for things that are not excessive and don't store important information in it.


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