Download the Latest FM WhatsApp (FM WA) by Fouad Mods 2023 FM is one of the WA Mods that can be considered, none other than because of its very useful features. When you use this WA Mod, you can find features that won't even be available in the official or official WhatsApp version.

Indeed, there are many WA Mods out there, each of which offers superior features that are impossible to resist. Especially for those of you who are looking for a WA Mod to use, it is recommended to use FM WA, because it is stable and is still experiencing updates until now.

What is WhatsApp FM?


It is undeniable, FM WA is one of the most well-known WA Mods, it can be compared to earlier versions such as GB WhatsApp, Aero WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp. However, there are still many potential users who do not know it.

If you don't know, there are indeed many WA Mods that have been developed by modders. Most of them have the same superior features, typical of WA Mod. However, there is a WA Mod that has its own advantages, which are not available in other WA Mod versions.

One of the advantages possessed by FM WA is the application customization feature. Through this feature, users can edit the appearance of FM WA according to their taste. This feature is of course impossible for the official WhatsApp to have, whose appearance really cannot be tampered with at all.

Apart from that, of course there are many other interesting and useful features in FM WA. You can download and use application This is if you want to experience WhatsApp with better and more complete features. As a result, the communication experience will be further enhanced.

Why Should You Use FM WhatsApp?


Actually, there is no special reason that requires you to download and install FM WA. The reason is, if you are really satisfied with official WhatsApp, of course you don't have to use WA Mod. WA Mod is for those who are not satisfied with official WhatsApp features and services.

There's no denying that WhatsApp is one of the best chat apps, if not the best. This application has been equipped with features that facilitate communication in the modern era. Not only sending text messages, users can also call and make video calls.

However, there are some drawbacks behind the privileges of WhatsApp. For example, the limited file size that can be sent. Indeed, WhatsApp can be used to send media such as images, videos and documents, but the size is very limited.

So, it will be the same, because you cannot send large files. Like it or not, if you want to send large files, you have to use another service, or use the offline method with a cable, external hard disk or flash disk.

So, you won't find trivial problems like the one above after using WA Mod like FM WhatsApp download. Of course, with FM WA, you can send files with a larger size, so there are more file options that can be sent.

Modder services are very large in developing WhatsApp Mod, they understand the anxiety of WA users about limited features. Hopefully, by downloading FM WA, they can use a better version of WhatsApp.

Platform to Download FM WhatsApp Safe & Reliable


Nowadays, there are almost no applications or games that don't have a modified version. That said, modded applications or games are illegal, because they are developed by modders or unofficial developers. They have no relationship at all with the official developer.

Including FM WA, the illegal WhatsApp application, at least according to Google and Android. Called illegal because this application is also not available on the official app store, namely Google Play. Therefore, you have to download this application from another source.

Now, many platforms share FM WA download links. But you have to be careful in choosing the platform. The reason is, many irresponsible individuals share fake download links, even containing viruses and malware.

The good news is, below we have provided a safe and reliable FM WhatsApp link. You can use it to download FM WA directly, because it won't divert you to a lot of annoying ads.

Is WhatsApp FM Available for iPhone?


Many iPhone users are wondering about FM WA, is this WA Mod also available for iPhone. Unfortunately, FM WA is not yet available for iPhone, until a modder develops it specifically for that device.

If you notice, the WA Mod application has an APK extension, an extension specifically for Android. This means that the WA Mod application can only be installed on Android, not with other devices. It's really unfortunate, hopefully in the future FM WA will also be available for iPhone and other devices.

Featured Features Offered by FM WhatsApp


As we have repeatedly mentioned above, FM WA is equipped with a variety of amazing features. These features don't even exist on the official WhatsApp, so you really have to consider FM WA.

If you are a new user, understanding the ins and outs of the application that you are going to download and install is very important, for example, understand its features. So, below you can learn the excellent features of FM WA, so you can use it optimally.

1. Customize WhatsApp Application

The first feature that you can enjoy from FM WhatsApp update is application customization. Yes, you can customize the application easily, according to your needs. You can change the appearance of the boring WhatsApp application homepage, and replace it with a new one.

Of course, you won't find this kind of feature when using official WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp is distinctive with its green theme, just like the logo. So, whenever you use official WA, the appearance of the application will remain the same.

2. Protect Privacy Better

Actually, official WhatsApp is equipped with privacy features that can be adjusted to user needs. Usually, many WA users hide when they were last seen, messages sent and messages read.

Of course, with these settings, users will feel comfortable when using WhatsApp. That is, they shouldn't feel bad about not responding to messages promptly. The reason is, other people will not know whether their message has been sent or read.

The problem is, there are still things that are forgotten, namely users cannot hide online status, typing and recording. This status will appear, namely when the user is in WA, typing a message or recording audio.

Well, the good news is that there is FM WhatsApp, which allows users to better manage their privacy. Apart from hiding last seen, sent messages and read messages, they can also hide online status, typing and recording.

3. Equipped with a Locking Feature

Very interesting, it turns out that FM WA has been equipped with a built-in application lock feature. Through this feature, you can lock the WhatsApp application, which can secure it from prying eyes who want to access your WhatsApp account.

You can set it yourself, want to use which locking method. Several methods are available such as PIN, pattern and fingerprint. It's up to you which method you want to use, the important thing is that WA is locked to be safe at 100%.

Of course, you won't find this feature if you still use regular WA. There is only a fingerprint lock feature available, which is certainly not available for cellphones that don't yet support this feature. So, they have to use HP's built-in features, or download third-party locking applications.

4. See WA Status as Anonymous

The next WhatsApp FM feature is that users can see friends' status as anonymous. This feature is very useful, especially for those of you who don't want to be considered KEPO and like taking care of your image. You can also use this feature for stalking without fear of being caught.

Usually, when someone sees the WA status, the person's name will be recorded in the viewer's history. However, you will not experience this when you are already using FM WA. So, you are free to see other people's WA status, but it will not be recorded.

5. Turn off Video Calls

You can use WhatsApp to make video calls or video calls. Compared to regular calls, video calls have many advantages, because there is sound plus pictures. However, video calls also consume more internet quota.

So, so that no one else can make video calls to you, you should just turn it off. When this feature is activated, you can only make regular video calls, until your rules change again.

In this way, you can significantly save on internet quota usage. Make a video call if you happen to be connected to WiFi. You are free to make video calls as long as you want without fear of running out of internet quota.

6. Send Files with a Larger Size

WhatsApp has a feature that allows users to send pictures, videos, documents, sounds and so on. However, the file size that can be sent via WhatsApp is limited, a maximum of 16MB.

So, when you want to send a file with a larger size, it will be rejected by WhatsApp. Therefore, you have to use another method that is more convenient, whether wireless or using a cable.

The good news is, after downloading FM WhatsApp, you can send files with a maximum size. You can send files with a maximum size of 50MB. Of course, more adequate than before, which was only 16MB.

7. Send HD Quality Images and Videos

The problem with the official WhatsApp is that they compress the files that are sent. So, in order for files to be sent quickly, the system will compress the file size. So, the file size is smaller, and can be sent to the recipient quickly.

The problem is, once the file size is reduced, the quality will also go down. Images or videos that were originally HD will change to SD after being sent with WhatsApp. Of course, you don't want this to happen, because it's really disappointing.

Instead of dragging on, it is recommended to switch to using FM WA only. The reason is, FM WhatsApp Mod APK will not compress the file size, so the quality will not change. Files will take longer to send, but it will be worth it.

8. There are many free themes available

The advantage of FM WA compared to official WhatsApp is its diverse collection of themes. After using FM WA, you can use various themes from various categories, which you can download directly in the application.

It's different when you're still using the official WhatsApp, where only two themes are available. Of course, it's very boring, because users can only change two themes, namely dark and light themes.

FM WhatsApp provides interesting and varied themes, for example the WA iOS theme which is popular among Android users. Interestingly, they are also diligent in updating themes, so the collection continues to grow.

9. There are many attractive fonts available

Apart from themes, FM WA also has a collection of attractive fonts, which can be used for free. If you want to use it, you only need to download and apply it. You can do everything in this one application, no need to look for it from other sources.

When using official WA, the font type usually follows the device font. If you want to change the font, you may have to download it manually on the internet. Of course, things like this are complicated, not if you get a virus, malaria and the like.

10. Send Messages Without Save Number

Ever had to send a message to a new number on WhatsApp? The only way to be able to send messages to that number is to save it first. Without being saved to contacts, you will not send messages or even call the number.

So, you have a more practical version of WA, which doesn't have to save a number to send text messages, namely FM WA. Indeed, with this modified application, send a message or call a new number without having to save it first.

Certainly, it's faster and more effective, especially if you're only going to call the number once. It's different if you hope to still be in touch with the number at a later time, saving it to contacts is a wise move.

11. Download WhatsApp Status Easily

The next FM WA feature is downloading status easily, directly from the application. So, when there is a friend's status that is interesting and it's a shame if it just goes by, you can save it to your device. With FM WA, a download button is available directly in the application.

Features like this will certainly never exist on official WA, so you have to use third-party applications or sites to download statuses. If not, you can use the default features of the cellphone, namely capture and record the screen.

The Latest Valid and Safe Download Link for WhatsApp FM


App name FMWhatsApp
Android version 5.1 or later
Version 9.52
Size 67MB
R**t Not
Price Free
Download links HERE

How to download and install FM WhatsApp that is correct and anti-fail


Many failed to download FM WA, because they didn't look for the correct download and installation tutorial. Don't get me wrong, the way to download and install FM WA with other applications is different, considering that FM WA does not come from an official source.

So, because it doesn't come from an official source (Google Play), the download and installation method is different. At least, you have to set a few things first, so that Android wants to install this application. The method is very easy, please refer to the tutorial below:

  • First, Download FMWhatsApp on.
  • After the download is complete, do not directly install, but go to Settings > Privacy & Security then tick Unknown Sources.
  • If it is set, look for the app in File Manager > Internal > Downloads, then click FM WhatsApp APK to install it.
  • Once installed, open the app and follow the registration process until finish.

FM WhatsApp is the best WA version if you want to improve your communication experience in the modern era. The reason is, this WA Mod has been equipped with various additional sophisticated features, which will never exist in official WA.


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