FacePlay Pro Mod Apk Premium Unlocked All Filters Free

plnlabuhanangin.co.id – The FacePlay Pro Mod Apk application is included as an application that is currently viral. This is because through this application the activity of editing videos or photos becomes a very enjoyable activity.

Through this application, you can easily make modifications or add anything to the image according to what you want to edit. Indeed, there are many types of photo editing along with the features used for editing.

What is Faceplay Pro Mod Apk


Face Play is an application that allows you to change or change the face in someone's photo to make it into an anime character. This application is very interesting because its features are very complete and creative.

Through this application, users can enter photos of their faces in the various thematic video options available. For these thematic videos, you can display a person or a character in the film scene.

Not only that, it turns out that thematic videos can also show someone of a different nationality through a different face or setting. Thanks to this unique feature, the application is able to attract the attention of many of its fans.

Features of Faceplay Pro Mod Apk


The most interesting feature that makes an application very popular among its users is because of the features available in it. It's no secret that FacePlay Pro Mod Apk offers many features that cannot be found in the original version.

Of course this is very encouraging news for someone who likes to create content to make it more interesting. What features are available in it? Here's the full explanation:

1. Maximum Performance Features

Faceplay mod is indeed well-known as a modification platform that has been successfully developed in such a way. The goal is that users can feel the excitement while using the application. In addition Faceplay can also work optimally.

When talking about its performance, it is guaranteed that this is not a doubtful application. Even though it's a mod, it can work very well. It doesn't stop there, there is no need to wait a long time, everything can run smoothly and well.

It's the same with official applications in general. Face play can minimize hangs or bugs during the video or photo editing process. That way you can edit to the fullest then upload it to social media.

2. Premium Features

You can be sure that each modified platform will have features that are much more superior than application official. Just like with FacePlay Pro Mod Apk which helps users to be able to gain access freely.

Even comprehensive without any specific boundaries. For example, like being locked or something else. All of these premium features can be enjoyed for free. Unlike using the original version, if you want to get premium features you have to subscribe first.

3. Many Customs

There are lots of custom options available in it and you can make your choice according to your taste. This means that you don't just stick to one or two costumes. Indirectly this can help users to be able to make choices according to taste.

Can also be adjusted to the characteristics if suitable. This is a special attraction, especially for users who are already aware of this feature. The popularity of the Faceplay mod lies in the many costumes available which are much more superior.

4. There are many accessories available

The existence of accessories can add to the attractiveness offered by FacePlay Pro Mod Apk. For all types of accessories can be obtained free of charge without having to subscribe. These accessories can be included in the photo or video being edited.

5. Saving Videos

The video storage feature is very useful for those of you who want to make the edited video or photo a keepsake. Besides being able to share it on other social media, you can also save it in your phone gallery.

6. Confirm Video Results

Using the Faceplay mod application is indeed very fun. What's more, there is a feature in the form of confirmation of closing the results of the edited video. If the video made is not optimal, you can automatically return to the previous menu section.

You can cancel in the notification are you sure to leave. Then you can add to some of the other views.

7. Face Swap Features Varies

When you do face editing with the help of the Faceplay mod apk, the Faceplay feature is very easy to use. Thanks to this feature, you can view various web faces. Whether it's from fashion, dilly, updates, qipao, happy new year, squad games, or something else.

With this feature, you can freely use it and it's free without a penny. It's fun, isn't it?

8. Home feature

The great thing that is offered from Faceplay mod is that there is a home feature or main menu which is very helpful. Especially when you haven't finished editing videos or photos. The home feature makes it easier for users when they want to enter the main menu.

You can enter without having to tap the back button many times because all you have to do is click on the home icon.

9. Unlimited Filters

Simply by using the Faceplay mod, all editors will find it easier during the editing process. Users don't have to look for filters that come from various sources because this application provides a lot of filters. So that it can give a more aesthetic impression.

Advantages of FacePlay Pro Mod Apk


This application does provide very interesting advantages to discuss. Although basically FacePlay Pro Mod Apk is not available on the Google play store. Given that this is an illegal application.

But don't worry, you can be sure that this modified Faceplay Pro is able to spoil its users through its complete features and advantages that cannot be found in other applications. The following is information about the advantages offered, including:

1. Unlock Video and Photo Templates

Indeed, this application offers a variety of advantages. Including the many available video and photo templates that can be used for free. You can easily make edits without thinking about the concept.

Just use the template, then you can edit photos and videos according to the available templates. This application offers dozens or even hundreds of templates that you can choose according to your needs and tastes.

2. Free From Ads

The original version of Faceplay is already very popular with lots of advertisements that make the intruders feel uncomfortable. However, if you use a modified version, the ad feature will disappear automatically because the developer has provided a feature in the form of no ads.

When using this modification service, you are free to edit photos and videos without ads. You don't even need to watch ads anymore to get rewards.

3. Save Photos Without Watermark

If the video or photo editing process is complete, then you can save it directly to the gallery or you can also upload it to social media without a watermark.

You can be sure that the edits will be clean as if they were not edited. What's more, this application is equipped with the sophistication of AI technology.

4. Quick Edit Process

When starting the photo editing process, another thing that often makes users feel spoiled is the editing process that runs very quickly. If editing manually, it certainly takes a very long time.

You even have to use special editing tools. But it's different from the FacePlay Pro Mod Apk which already makes editing feel fast. Your process takes less than 5 minutes, you can see the results as real.

5. Free To Use

You can use a variety of editing features and tools without spending anything. You can even make this application a very simple photo editing tool. Especially if you want to create content in the form of fun edits.

The Difference Between Faceplay Pro Mod Apk and the Original Version


At first glance, the appearance of FacePlay Pro Mod Apk is not much different from the original version. However, when viewed in terms of features and advantages, both of them have differences.

For this reason, it is very important for you to know where the differences are between the mod version and the original version. The following is information that can be used as material for consideration:

Original Version Modified Version
Ads often appear during the editing process Free from ads
Premium features locked All premium features unlocked
The video results are equipped with a watermark The resulting video does not have a watermark

Download FacePlay Pro Mod Apk


Name Faceplay Mod Apk
Size 42MB
Feature Full MOD
Download links HERE

How to Install FacePlay Pro Mod Apk


  • Make sure that you have given installation permission from applications originating from unknown sources.
  • If it is already active, please continue with the method open downloaded file.
  • Then search through internal storage files that's on the phone.
  • After that open a file according to what you want to install.
  • Then click install
  • Automatically, the installation process will start and wait for it to finish.
  • One of the signs that the application installation was successful is that it appears open button what's on the screen.
  • Then you get enter the app so that you can start using the services as available.

How to Use Faceplay Pro Mod Apk


Some of the beginners don't really understand and know how to use the FacePlay Pro Mod Apk application. Even though for step by step it can be said that it is very easy.

But if in reality you still feel confused about how to edit photos with perfect results, then you can follow the following tutorial:

  • First of all you have to open the Faceplay mod application that has been downloaded on the smartphone first.
  • After that click start button so that you can go to the main page of the application.
  • Then decide if you want to edit a video or gif image.
  • This feature is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then take your pick templates category according to what you want to try.
  • Then only press templates according to what you want to use.
  • If the steps above have been done, then you click free to use.
  • Please continue by the way Import selfie photos from camera feature or gallery.
  • Then just press the button
  • Wait for the application to finish processing photos and templates.
  • When finished, please select no watermarks so that the results of the edits do not have a watermark or watermark.

Risks of Using FacePlay Pro Mod Apk


Using a modified application is indeed very vulnerable to several risks that can harm the user himself. Nonetheless, this is not scary for its users. One of the reasons is because in terms of features and advantages it is much more superior.

If you are interested in the FacePlay Pro Mod Apk application, then you should first find out some important information regarding the risks below, including:

1. Applications rarely update

For the first risk, this application is rarely updated or rarely updated. Even though the update process in an application is very important. One of its functions is to be able to add new features or improve existing features.

Not only that, the update process is also very useful to update applications and to make applications run more smoothly. Thus, it is very likely that you will not only be able to get new features.

However, it can also avoid other problems such as bugs that can occur at any time.

2. Banned Account

The blocking or banned process will be carried out by the official developer. This is done permanently. This means, if this happens, then you can't use the account anymore. It's a shame if this happens because you will be asked to create a new account.

3. Mal*are and Vi*us attacks

Mal*are and viruses are very vulnerable to harming cellphones. Given that on the internet there are lots of viruses circulating quickly. Indirectly, malware and viruses that enter the device can damage the cellphone.

Like cellphones that are less sensitive, slow down, or even unable to operate. Sometimes viruses and Mal*are don't just damage the device. But it can also make users feel that they have lost important data on their cellphones.

So for those of you who often store account data or other important data on your cellphone, you should not use modified applications such as FacePlay Pro Mod Apk.

How Safe to Use FacePlay Pro Mod Apk


After knowing some of the risks above, it often makes potential users feel curious. Is this an application that is safe to use or vice versa. Indeed, the features and advantages offered are very interesting.

But still, you have to know how while using this application is safe and whether or not the application depends on the user. If you use this application too often, you may experience a permanent block.

The developer feels suspicious of fraudulent actions from application users. In order to avoid being blocked, you can listen to the tips below.

Safe Ways to Use Faceplay Pro Mod Apk


Even though it can be said that this is an application that does not guarantee the security of 100%, at least you can take the following steps so that you can minimize any risks that could occur.

The following methods can increase security opportunities for FacePlay Pro Mod Apk users. What tips can be followed? Here are the steps that can be followed:

1. Use Appropriate Applications

The first way, you have to use the application properly. Bearing in mind that modified apps will generally be flagged by the official developer. For that, use it properly and don't overdo it.

Not only in terms of quantity, but when using the features of the application, don't overdo it.

2. Scan the Mod Application

Before installing or installing a cellphone, you should first scan the application file. This has the goal of being able to find out whether there is Mal*are and vi*us that are intentionally implanted or not.

In general, this scanning process can be done via a computer device. If you use a computer device, the way the application works and scans is much more optimal.

3. Using Official Apps

Since this is a modified application, 100% does not guarantee the safety of its users. Whether it's in terms of personal data, account security, or something else. That's why it is very important for every user to use the official application available on the Play Store.

Even though the use of the official application has very few features and advantages when compared to the FacePlay Pro Mod Apk, if you look at it from a security point of view, you can be sure that the official face play is far superior.


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