Download Coocoo WhatsApp Full Version No Ban Official 2023 WhatsApp quite a lot of use because its features are very complete. Moreover, this modification application has many advantages including being able to be used to manage business.

If you want to use this application continuously, it is recommended to use the most recent version. Because it also uses the oldest version, there will usually be a number of obstacles including being able to get banned.

This article will discuss things about the Coocoo WhatsApp application. Various things ranging from advantages and some disadvantages will be discussed thoroughly so that it makes it easier when using it.

Get to know Coocoo WhatsApp

Get to know-Coocoo-WhatsApp

Some people may not be too familiar with this application compared to other modified variants. Say a modified variant like GB WhatsApp which has been used by millions of people not only in Indonesia but also around the world.

However, this application is also quite recommended for use. Because once you use it, you can easily maximize all the features and functions that this application has as a whole.

In general, this application is almost very similar to the version on the Play Store. However, there are some changes in the application, such as the addition of features that are quite interesting and very useful.

In essence, this application is an upgraded version of the one in the Play Store. Even so, there is a possibility that this application is quite risky if used excessively or when using an old version.

Short Review of Coocoo WhatsApp


If you use the app properly, there won't be too many distractions. Because all the features it has are very maximal and can be used for various needs.

Perhaps what must be considered when using WhatsApp is that the cellphone used must use 2GB of RAM and above. If using low enough RAM the application cannot be opened at all.

By using this application, various modern features such as being able to broadcast messages can also be done. So, it is very suitable for those who will run a business online so that it is easy to manage.

For the application itself is actually not too heavy so it can be used for various needs. However, if you use this application, it is recommended to update it regularly so that its function is maintained.

Main Features of Coocoo WhatsApp APK


The advantages possessed by this application are quite a lot so that it is used by many people. Here are some of the advantages that may be directly utilized by everyone.

1. The sticker collection is very complete

Its excellent feature is a very complete and large collection of stickers. Usually also using the standard WhatsApp application, these stickers must be made by yourself or install additional applications.

Then it can be used and stored in applications on the HP. This means that if you switch cellphones, it is likely that the stickers that have been saved cannot be found anymore, so you have to look for a large number of them.

Using the Coocoo WhatsApp application will make it easier for you if you want to get a large collection of stickers. This means that the collection of stickers can be used as needed.

2. Can hide online status and read messages

There is a possibility that you can hide your online status while using WhatsApp. Usually hiding this online status can't be done at all so other people can easily send messages.

When using this application, the last online status can usually be removed. Since it was eliminated there would be no problem at all even if it was online at night. Because other people can't see it.

It can also hide messages that have been read. So, even though you have read the message before, it will not appear at all. So, it can be used optimally.

3. Sending photos without compression

Usually there is a photo sending process that is carried out when using WhatsApp. If the photo sending process is carried out directly using the standard version, it is likely that it will get compressed.

Conversely also using a modified version like Coocoo WhatsApp, the sending process will not get compressed at all. This means that all messages that later contain photos will still have the same resolution.

One thing that might have to be considered if using this is the selection of images to be sent. With the right selection, the size can be maintained so that it can be used again.

4. Send long duration videos

It is recommended to send videos of long duration because they will not get any compression at all. This means that all videos that will be sent later can be of long duration and there will be no problems such as quality cuts.

With this ability, WhatsApp becomes very similar to Telegram. Various types of videos that have a long duration can still be uploaded there so that they can be shared with others more easily.

Unfortunately by using this method, you have to have a much more connection. If you use an unstable connection, it will most likely be difficult to maximize use.

5. Messages cannot be deleted

The various types of markets included in this application cannot be completely removed. The meaning of this cannot be deleted at all is that the message will automatically be saved so that even if it is deleted it will have no effect.

What this means is that the message can still be seen directly even if someone else has deleted it. Because the message will be automatically saved and cannot be modified at all.

This applies to many types of messages that are in standard conversations as well as conversations that are in groups. So, you have to be really careful when you want to send messages.

6. Lock specific messages

You can easily carry out a specific testing process. This specific testing process is very useful to avoid problems with the application.

In addition, it can also be useful to protect against people who want to read messages. Sometimes some people deliberately read messages on WhatsApp without the owner knowing.

By using this modified version, messages from certain people can be locked. People who want to enter into it must enter a password. If you don't enter a password, it will usually be difficult to open.

7. Can schedule messages

It is possible to schedule messages. With this message scheduling process, you can send messages to other people without doing the typing process directly or manually.

So, you can still make messages that will be sent at certain hours. This method is perfect for those who are running a business so that all the functions in it can be used.

The promotion process can also run more easily without any interruptions at all. That's why there's nothing wrong with maximizing this application when you're running a business and need mass promotion.

Download Cooco WhatsApp


If you want to download the latest APK file, you can use the link below. So, it won't be difficult if you want to take advantage of all the features that the application has.

Application Name Cooco WhatsApp
Version 2022
File Size 85MB
Download links HERE

How to Install Coocoo WhatsApp


The installation process will have steps that may vary slightly. Follow the steps below to maximize the entire installation process of the application.

  • Enter into settings then proceed to additional settings.
  • Swipe down to find privacy and security.
  • Search section install from unknown sources.
  • Enable first then open the APK file which was previously downloaded.
  • Go through the process installation to finish.
  • After that, you can immediately open it to log in.

Advantages of WA Coocoo


It turns out that there are quite a lot of advantages that the Coocoo version of WhatsApp has. If you want to use it, here are some advantages that might maximize its use.

1. The application is quite easy to find

One of the conveniences that this application has is that it is quite easy to find. Only by using Google can you get the latest version of the APK file or you can go directly to this site.

This means that there will be lots of alternatives to the apk that can be used. Even so, it is still recommended to choose the most recent version when going to use it to avoid problems.

2. Has an interface that is not much different

The interface owned by this application is almost the same as the original version of the application. This means that there will not be a significant difference and the features in it can also be used as usual.

Because it has an interface that doesn't differ much, it's likely that the application can be used optimally. In fact, even if it's the first time you use it, you won't experience any confusion.

3. Light to use

Usually modified applications tend to be heavier when compared to the original application. However, this modified type of application turns out to be much lighter than the WhatsApp application on the Play Store.

Because it is lighter when used this application can be utilized to the fullest. In fact, even those who use the standard version of the WhatsApp application will not experience any problems at all.

4. Can back up messages

Next is being able to backup various types of messages in it. The backup process that will be carried out later can run optimally as long as all the features in it are the latest version.

That is why it is always recommended to use the latest version of the application. Don't be like that, various types of messages can still be backed up and moved to the original WhatsApp application if needed.

5. Can manage media

Furthermore, it can carry out the media management process. If you use the standard version of the application, it is very likely that the media management process will not be carried out at all. In fact, it is also likely to fail.

By using this application media processing can be done more easily. So, if you want to delete or add files, you can do it more easily without any difficulties.

Disadvantages of Using WA Coocoo


Apart from having advantages, it turns out that WA Coocoo also has disadvantages. Here are some drawbacks that must be considered carefully.

1. The application is difficult to update

One drawback that this application has is that it is very difficult to get updates. Even though getting updates is something that is very important to do. Because it can make the application much more secure.

Unfortunately, if you do the update process carelessly, it can also be dangerous for your cellphone. That's why, it is recommended to always be careful when you want to install an APK file.

2. The possibility of getting banned is still there

The possibility of getting banned is still there when using a modified version of the application. If someone experiences a banner, it will most likely be dangerous, especially if the account is a business type.

That is why, it is always advisable to do a trial run first. If this application is safe to use even using an original account there will be no problem.

3. Can do data stealing

There is a possibility of data theft by irresponsible people. They purposely put something dangerous into the app to keep stealing.

The stealing process that is carried out can be dangerous and can even do rights to cellphones. That is why, it is recommended to always be careful so as not to experience dangerous things.

4. Cannot perform automatic updates

Most likely will not be able to perform the update process automatically. Because this automatic update process can only be done if you use the Play Store version of the WhatsApp application.

5. Can damage the HP system

Most likely it can also cause damage to the HP. Damage to this cellphone can occur in the system, so you have to really pay attention so you don't overdo it.

How to Maximize WA Coocoo Accounts


If you want to maximize the use of this application, it is recommended to listen to the following things.

1. Periodically delete the application

It is recommended to delete the application periodically. Periodic deletion of the application is useful for maximizing the function of the application and account used.

Usually this deletion process can only be done if you have gotten the latest version. So, you have to do a new delete, install the latest version in order.

2. Do not overuse

Try not to overuse this app. If you want to use it excessively, make sure to use the latest version of the APK first and understand the risks that will occur.

One of the risks that might occur is that the account that is owned may be blocked. Even if it has been blocked, it will usually be difficult to return it again.

3. Perform regular updates

Try to do the update process regularly. By updating regularly, you can easily maximize the functionality of the application because usually there are always the most recent features.

This new feature is very useful. It can even be used to process more than one account management.

4. Do a test run first

Try to do a trial run first. This trial process is very important to do because it can find out whether this application is safe to use or even dangerous and should be avoided.

If the application turns out to be dangerous to use, it is better to avoid it. Conversely, if the application turns out to be safe to use, it can be used at any time as long as it uses the most recent version.

It turns out that using Coocoo WhatsApp has a lot of advantages. However, there are also some risks that you really need to think about, so you have to use this application wisely.

Because if it is not used properly there is a possibility of getting blocked. In fact, it is also very likely that it can cause various damage to cellphones, especially to the system and you have to do the reinstall process first.


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