Alight Motion Pro Am Pro Apk 5.1 No Watermark Download – Alight Motion Pro is a popular application that is widely used by animators to create cool and high-quality animated videos. This application is equipped with the best premium features and is easy to use so that anyone who is still learning can make animations as desired.

Animated videos are currently not only useful for entertainment but also as a quite effective promotional and advertising medium. Therefore, mastering the skill of making animated videos is very important, especially for those who are involved in the digital or entertainment world.

What is the Alight Motion Pro App?


The Alight Motion application is an application developed by the technology company Alight Creative INC. As one of the motion design software, the Alight Motion application is the first professional design application that can be run via the user's smartphone device.

With the Alight Motion Pro application, you can access many of the best premium features that allow you to easily produce professional quality animations. The premium features in the application consist of various motion graphics and modern visual effects.

The choice of motion graphics and visual effects can be accessed very easily because the user interface design is very simple. The Alight Motion application consists of a basic version and also a Pro version which has more advanced premium features.

However, to upgrade the application to the Pro version you have to pay a fee. Fortunately, now there is a Modified or MOD version of the Pro application that can be accessed for free. Only, because it is a Mod version, the application is not in the Play Store and App Store and must be downloaded from outside.

Interestingly, even though the Alight Motion application is equipped with modern premium features, the application size is relatively small and light so that it can also be run on smartphones with low specifications.

Features Embedded in the Latest Alight Motion Pro 2022


The features in the regular version of the Alight Motion application and the Pro version are quite different because the Pro version of the application has more complete premium features. Below are some of the excellent features embedded in the application:

1. Various Choices of Video Rendering Formats

The first feature embedded in the Alight Motion Pro application is rendering videos in various formats of choice. There are lots of format options available in the application, starting from the file type JPEG, XML File, GIF, MPEG Video, PNG, and PNG Sequence.

With a wide selection of available video formats, you can more freely choose the appropriate format and then share the video to various social media options and devices.

You also don't need to bother converting rendered video formats to other formats using third-party applications. You can directly share videos to the various platforms you want

2. More complete and diverse font choices

The text fonts in the Alight Motion Professional application are very diverse and also more complete than similar video editing and animation applications. With a wide selection of fonts available in the application, you can make motivational words on videos or subtitles on videos.

Alight Motion or AM Pro Mod provides a variety of varied fonts that can be selected for free in the application database. You can also edit fonts such as color, slope and others.

3. Keyframe Animation feature

The next feature available in Alight Motion Pro Mod is the keyframe animation feature which can be accessed for free and easily by every user. The keyframe animation feature is useful for marking every image change so it looks clearer and for making moving images.

Apart from that, the keyframe animation feature also helps create very aesthetic and clear animated videos. You can create an orbital motion for every object in the video. The keyframe animation feature is unfortunately not available in the standard version of the Alight Motion (AM) application.

The keyframe animation feature is also useful for changing certain parts of an object in an image so that it can be adjusted to the user's wishes.

4. Color Customization Feature

The next feature that the Alight Motion (AM) Pro application has is the color customization feature when editing video. This feature allows the colors in the video to be more easily adjusted to better suit the desired result after editing.

Because the type of application you are using is Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod, this premium feature can be accessed for free.

5. Aspect Ratio feature

The Alight Motion Mod Professional application feature offers a lot of aspect ratio features so those who are editing videos can choose the size of the video according to their wishes. With so many choices of aspect ratios, you can upload videos on any social media.

This is because TikTok social media sets a different aspect ratio size than other social media such as Instagram and Facebook. You just have to choose the right aspect ratio option without having to cut it.

Advantages of Using the Alight Motion Pro Mod Application


In addition to the superior features that the Alight Motion application has, this application also has various advantages that make it liked by users. Following are the advantages of the Alight Motion Pro Mod application:

1. Video Editing Without Watermark

The drawback of using the standard version of the video editing application which is available for free is that there is a watermark on the edited video. The existence of this watermark is certainly very annoying because it makes your video look unprofessional and also not original.

However, if you download Alight Motion Pro APK without watermark, the watermark or watermark will not appear on the video after it has finished rendering. You can already get the advantages of using the Alight Motion Professional application for free by downloading the modified version.

2. There is a Usage Tutorial

The next advantage offered by Alight Motion is that there is an operating tutorial available to help users run the application more easily, especially for those who are new to video editing and animation applications.

Interestingly, the usage tutorial is divided into several sections that can be studied one by one. You just choose which part to learn.

3. Free from Annoying Ads

The advantage of the Alight Motion Pro Mod application that makes it more preferable than video editing applications and making other similar cool animated videos is that there are no ads that distract users when accessing the application.

Many free video and photo editing applications circulating on the internet when installed cause ad*are or annoying advertisements to appear, especially often these advertisements are indecent. However, these annoying ads will not appear when using AM Pro Mod.

That way, you can have more freedom when using applications to edit videos and make cool animated videos.

4. Unlocked Premium VIP Features

If you download and install the original Alight Motion Pro application through the Google Play Store or App Store, then you have to pay a fee to be able to access the premium features in it.

Often, those with financial difficulties have little difficulty paying the monthly or annual subscription fees that are billed, therefore the Alight Motion (AM) Pro Mod application can be the best solution.

You can enjoy various premium features in the Alight Motion (AM) Pro application for free.

5. Various Video Animation Effects

The Alight Motion Pro Mod application has advantages in terms of a very wide selection of video animation effects. The effects provided include premium effects that are often used by well-known animation film production companies or studios.

Various categories of effects are in the application such as the effect of the theme of light, color, blur, text, images, bokeh and so on. Interestingly, Alight Motion regularly updates the available effect options.

Latest Alight Motion Pro Mod APK Specifications


Before downloading and installing the Alight Motion application on a smartphone, you should first understand the specifications of this application. Make sure that your smartphone specifications meet the minimum required specifications according to the table below:

Application Name Alight Motion Video Animation Editor Version Pro Mod
Developer or Developer Alight Creative INC
Application Type Animator and Video Editor
License Fee Free
Application Size 60MB
R**t No r**ting needed
Minimum RAM 2gb
Minimum ROMs 300MB
Minimum Operating System Android 5.5 and above

How to Download Alight Motion Pro Mod Easy and Download Links for Android and iPhone


If the smartphone used meets the minimum specifications required to download and install the Alight Motion application, you can download the application directly via the link below:

  • First of all prepare a capable device and internet connection. Visit the browser website that is on the device such as Google Chrome.
  • For Android devices and iPhone devices, you can download Alight Motion Pro APK by clicking on the following link
  • You can download the Alight Motion Pro application with the click of a button Downloads which is on the download page
  • Next, a Captcha code verification will appear, enter the Captcha code that appears in the box. Click the button “Submit”
  • The application download process will take place automatically
  • After the download process is complete, the application file will be directly stored in the folder Downloads device

Guide on how to install the Alight Motion Pro application


The Alight Motion Professional Mod application is an illegal, non-official application developed by developers outside the Meta Company. Therefore, to install this application, the user must first prepare the device as below:

  • To make device settings so that they can be used to install applications from outside, first enter the menu Settings or Settings on smartphones. For a quick way, you can also press the gear logo on the top side of the cellphone
  • Scroll the submenu in Settings or Settings, select menu Privacy and Security or Security and Privacy
  • On the Privacy and Security menu several options will appear, press the option "Allow Unknown Sources” until a checkmark appears indicating if the Unknown Source is active
  • Activating Unknown Sources has consequences in the form of a device security risk that is threatened, either due to viruses, malware or unwanted applications. Press the button "Yes” on the notification that appears
  • Press the button Downloads or the folder where the Alight Motion Mod Pro APK application file is stored
  • The downloaded application file is in RAR format so the file must be extracted first before it can be installed
  • To install the application must use the WINRAR application on the device. If there is no WINRAR application, install the WINRAR application first
  • If the WINRAR application has been installed, the next step is to click on the Alight Motion application which has been downloaded and extracted using WINRAR.
  • Tap on the application file to install the application on the smartphone
  • Wait some time until the installation process is complete. When the application has finished installing, just open the application to enter Alight Motion

Risk of Installing Modified Applications on Smartphones


Installing modified applications on smartphone devices, both Android and iPhone, has risks that must be understood by all users first. Lurking risks include data leak threats to virus threats. The following risks may arise:

1. The Risk of Ad*are Appearing on the Device

Installing non-official applications downloaded from outside the Google Play Store or App Store will generally be filled with annoying advertisements. This is a natural thing considering that illegal modified applications only rely on advertisements to make a profit.

The advertisements that appear often do not only appear when you are accessing the application, but also when the application is closed, advertisements can appear on the smartphone screen. The appearance of ads like this is certainly very disturbing activity.

But fortunately, no one has complained about the appearance of ads so far because of using this modified application. This is because one of the advantages of the Alight Motion application is that there are no advertisements in the application.

2. Risk of being banned or blocked

The next risk is installing modified applications including Alight Motion (AM) Pro, which can be banned or blocked at any time by Android and iOS. The operating system can monitor suspicious activity that you do on your smartphone.

When the operating system provider detects suspicious activity on a smartphone, the operating system will immediately block illegal applications right away. When the application is blocked, the data in it will immediately disappear. So you have to regularly back up the data.

3. Risk of Exposed to Mal*are and Vi*us

The existence of viruses and malware that might infect the device is very likely to occur when installing applications from outside the Google Play Store and App Store or illegal applications. We as ordinary users will never know if the developer has inserted a dangerous malware virus into it.

Sometimes viruses can also infect your device when you download it from untrusted websites. If the device has been exposed to viruses and malware, it can cause interference with smartphone performance, the smartphone heats up quickly, performance slows down and data theft.

4. Leaked Data

Still related to the third point, illegal modified applications that are downloaded from random websites are very likely to have been infected with dangerous viruses and malware so that they run the risk of causing your personal data to leak out.

User data can be monitored and stolen at any time such as message history, media, contact lists and others.

The Alight Motion Pro software can be downloaded and installed on various devices such as smartphones or laptops and computers. There are many premium features that are very easy for users to operate, even amateur users. You can download the mod version for free.


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